Population Neuroscience & Dementia

The USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences is pleased to welcome Prof. Caterina Rosano, of the Department of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh, and Dr. Valentina Garibotto of the Department of Radiology and Medical Informatics at the University of Geneva. The speakers will give a public conference on "Population Neuroscience and Dementia".

The speakers will share their works on the approach to population neuroscience, interconnecting the fields of epidemiology, geriatric medicine, neuroimaging and neurology (Prof. Rosano) as well as the ongoing efforts to build evidence on the analytical and clinical validity of amyloid and tau PET tracers, the main pathological hallmarks in Alzheimer’s disease (Dr. Garibotto).

The conference is open to USI students from all disciplines (Master, PhD, Post-doctoral researchers), Neurocento staff, and everyone interested in the fields of aging, dementia and neurobiology. The talk will be held in English, and will be introduced by Prof.  Emiliano Albanese  of USI. 

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