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Health - Psychology - 07.12.2016
Pilot study to test coaching to help recovery from SA bushfires
Community members trained as coaches will work with people affected by South Australia's catastrophic 2013 Pinery bushfire, in a pilot study to test an emotional recovery program for trauma survivors.

Psychology - 01.12.2016
Janellen Huttenlocher, pioneering scholar in childhood development, 1932’2016
Janellen Huttenlocher, a pioneer in the field of childhood development whose research explored how children acquire language, understand space and learn math, died Nov.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 01.12.2016
Magnetic brain stimulation can bring back stowed memories
It's clear that your working memory - which holds attention on small things of short-term importance - works, or you wouldn't be able to remember a new phone number long enough to dial it.

Health - Psychology - 01.12.2016
'Nudges' an inexpensive, effective way to increase completion of health promotion programs
‘Nudges’ an inexpensive, effective way to increase completion of health promotion programs
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Keeping messages brief and simple can produce gains when trying to encourage patients to complete a health care program, says research co-written by a University of Illinois expert in social psychology.

Health - Psychology - 01.12.2016
New Needle Exchange Program Launches on World AIDS Day
For years, while a student at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Hansel Tookes fought the Florida legislature to pass the first law in the state that would allow drug users to exchange used needles for clean ones in an effort to combat HIV transmission among at-risk groups.

Health - Psychology - 30.11.2016
Most people with depression receive inadequate treatment
The vast majority of people with depression across the world are not receiving even minimally adequate treatment for their condition, according to a new study of more than 50,000 people in 21 countries by King's College London, Harvard Medical School and the World Health Organization (WHO). The research, published today in the British Journal of Psychiatry , reports that of 4,331 people with depression across all 21 countries, treatment rates vary widely.

Psychology - 29.11.2016
Young children’s spatial talk predicts their spatial abilities
'We know that better spatial abilities lead to better math skills in early childhood, and they are strong predictors of future interest in careers in science and technology and engineering,' says researcher Hilary Miller.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 29.11.2016
The rise of prejudice and why facts still matter
We're in an era where the common frame of reference for judging what is a fact and what is not, is disintegrating.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 28.11.2016
Even after having 'read a book,' one still judges it by its 'cover'
Even after having ’read a book,’ one still judges it by its ’cover’
A well-known saying urges people to 'not judge a book by its cover.' But people tend to do just that - even after they've skimmed a chapter or two, according to Cornell research. Vivian Zayas , associate professor of psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences, and her colleagues found that people continue to be influenced by another person's appearance even after interacting with them face-to-face.

Health - Psychology - 23.11.2016
Psychiatry unit designated as WHO research centre
Psychiatry unit designated as WHO research centre
The Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry has been re-designated as a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre.

Health - Psychology - 22.11.2016
New research centre launches in Nottingham to focus on mood disorders
A new Centre of Excellence is being launched next week by the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham, a partnership between Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and The University of Nottingham.

Linguistics / Literature - Psychology - 18.11.2016
Research examines impact of foreign language on risk perception, moral judgment
New study by Prof. Boaz Keysar examines how using a foreign language affects risk assessment, which has larger implications for fields like medicine and law. Researchers are only beginning to understand how a foreign language affects decision-making, with early findings coming in areas such as moral judgment and risk assessment.

Psychology - 15.11.2016
Battling prejudice still as important decades on
Why is prejudice so persistent? It was that burning question which led University of Queensland School of Psychology researcher Dr Fiona Barlow to an American teacher who has become part of modern folklore.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 10.11.2016
Clever campaigns persuade, not alienate
Clever campaigns persuade, not alienate
An expert in the psychology of political and social change has described the US election result as a perfect example of "the illusion of momentum building". Associate Professor Winnifred Louis of The University of Queensland School of Psychology said the failings of Hillary Clinton could be related to many inter-group conflicts, including Australian issues.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 02.11.2016
Jennifer Richeson appointed the Philip R. Allen Professor of Psychology
Jennifer Richeson, newly named as the Philip R. Allen Professor of Psychology, focuses her research on social psychological phenomena that pertain to cultural diversity.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 31.10.2016
Does your mind jump around or get stuck?
Does your mind jump around or get stuck?
During downtime, some of us daydream while others might focus on a to-do list, or get stuck in a negative loop.

Psychology - Career - 28.10.2016
High-quality public preschools: U-M expert addresses what must be done
ANN ARBOR'As states and the nation rush to expand public preschool programs, a University of Michigan researcher says most states and programs are not using the most effective preschool models. In a recent study, U-M professor Christina Weiland'a research partner for the past nine years in the highly regarded Boston Public Schools prekindergarten program'finds that the curriculum and educator development most commonly used in preschool models fails to align with what scientific evidence shows to be the most effective models.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 27.10.2016
Jaak Panksepp lectures on emotions in animals, humans
'Taking the emotional feelings in animals seriously should yield more rapid understanding of human emotions,' and further work in humans could also promote development of psychiatric medicines, said Jaak Panksepp, professor of integrative psychology and neuroscience at Washington State University, speaking Oct.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 25.10.2016
How lying takes our brains down a 'slippery slope'
How lying takes our brains down a ‘slippery slope’
Telling small lies desensitises our brains to the associated negative emotions and may encourage us to tell bigger lies in future, reveals new UCL research funded by Wellcome and the Center for Advanced Hindsight. The research provides the first empirical evidence that self-serving lies gradually escalate and reveals how this happens in our brains.

Religions - Psychology - 25.10.2016
Jewish, Palestinian-Israeli teens cooperate better after learning people can change
Jewish, Palestinian-Israeli teens cooperate better after learning people can change
After teaching Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli middle school students in Israel that groups of people are capable of change, Stanford researchers saw significant improvements in the teens' cooperation. Jewish-Israelis and Palestinian-Israelis have spent decades in conflict over disputed territories.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 21.10.2016
How context influences memories and behavior
How context influences memories and behavior
Scientists in the group of Andreas Lüthi have identified two neuronal circuits that mediate the association of contextual information with emotional memories. In their publication in Cell, they describe networks of neurons that are active in the hippocampus and the amygdala, when we associate for example an unpleasant situation with a certain place.

Mathematics - Psychology - 20.10.2016
Experts identify 14 themes of creativity
Experts identify 14 themes of creativity
Experts identify 14 themes of creativity The elusive and complex components of creativity have been identified by experts at the University of Sussex and the University of Kent.

Career - Psychology - 12.10.2016
Swiss employees do not hold back on cynical behaviour
Swiss employees do not hold back on cynical behaviour
This year's Swiss Human Relations Barometer focuses on the topic "loyalty and cynicism" - specifically, the tension between how employees experience and demonstrate both loyalty and cynicism, the latter being a negative, even derisive, attitude that employees develop toward their employers.

Health - Psychology - 10.10.2016
Failures in mental health system flagged in new report
Failures in mental health system flagged in new report
Significant numbers of people with learning disabilities, particularly very young adults, remain inappropriately incarcerated in English hospitals, say researchers.

Health - Psychology - 10.10.2016
Opinion: How to build a mentally healthy workplace - step-by-step
Mental health has long been the Cinderella of healthcare: left to scrape an existence while the bulk of funding and attention goes elsewhere.

Health - Psychology - 10.10.2016
Global burden of mental and substance use disorders remains high
Global burden of mental and substance use disorders remains high
More effort is needed to reduce the global and Australian burden of mental and substance abuse disorders - the world's leading cause of disability - University of Queensland researchers say. School of Public Health researcher Professor Harvey Whiteford said a UQ team performed the mental and substance use disorder modelling used in the Global Burden of Diseases Study 2015 - a scientific analysis of more than 300 diseases and injuries in 195 countries.

Psychology - 10.10.2016
Referendum campaign a megaphone for hate and homophobia?
Australian researchers have identified Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum 'No' campaign had a deeply negative impact on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people and their families. Dr Sharon Dane from The University of Queensland's School of Psychology , Dr Liz Short of Victoria University and Dr Grainne Healy of Ireland surveyed 1657 LGBTI people and their families.

Psychology - 07.10.2016
Opinion: How context makes conflict trauma hard to understand, and not just for Trump
Mark de Rond (Cambridge Judge Business School) discusses how exposure to terrible events may only tell part of the complex story of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Health - Psychology - 06.10.2016
Opportunity knocks for disadvantaged choir members
Opportunity knocks for disadvantaged choir members
A charity which helps disadvantaged adults empower themselves via the arts - called the School of Hard Knocks - has had its praises sung by a University of Queensland psychology expert.

Health - Psychology - 04.10.2016
An ADHD diagnosis puts girls at much higher risk for other mental health problems
Girls with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are at higher risk than girls without ADHD for multiple mental disorders that often lead to cascading problems such as abusive relationships, teenage pregnancies, poor grades and drug abuse, UCLA psychologists report in the journal Pediatrics.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 04.10.2016
Do Older People Take Fewer Risks?
Studies by the University of Basel have shown that whether and how risk-taking propensity varies over a person's life span depends in part on how risk taking is measured. When subjects are asked how they assess their risk propensity, a clear reduction with age is the result. However, this reduction is not necessarily observed for specific risk-taking tasks.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 28.09.2016
Some brains are blind to moving objects
Distinguishing relationships between changing images is an important part of discerning the direction in which a thrown ball or flying bird or speeding bus is headed. Photo: Jeff Miller As many as half of people are blind to motion in some part of their field of vision, but the deficit doesn't have anything to do with the eyes.

Health - Psychology - 27.09.2016
Depression in pregnancy increases risk of mental health problems in children
Depression in pregnancy increases risk of mental health problems in children
Depression in pregnancy increases the risk of behavioural and emotional problems in children, says a new review published in The Lancet Psychiatry.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 26.09.2016
Children overeagerly seeking social rules
Children overeagerly seeking social rules
Three-year-olds quickly absorb social norms. They even understand behaviors as rule-governed that are not subject to any norms, and insist that others adhere to these self-inferred 'norms', a study by LMU psychologist MarcoF.H.

Psychology - 26.09.2016
It’s the start of the university term - who will be best at making friends?
Making new friends is one of the most important goals for students when they arrive at university for the first time. But which personalities are most successful at making and extending friendship groups? Now new research suggests that the most emotionally intelligent people develop more friendships in the long-run, while those with narcissistic personalities struggle to maintain their early success in making friends.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 22.09.2016
Tackling obesity in Oxfordshire: soups, smartphones and supermarket shopping
If you've ever been lost in a radio drama, caught up in a film or transfixed by a play, you've probably not stopped to ask why. Yet, humanity's fascination with fiction is an evolutionary enigma. Now, Oxford arts and sciences researchers have found that stories that arouse our emotions trigger the same mechanisms as other forms of bonding.

Health - Psychology - 21.09.2016
New global initiative will engage 30 cities by 2030 to close the mental health gap
King's College London is joining a major new initiative aiming to reduce the mental health gap by engaging global and community leaders across private, public and philanthropic organisations.

Psychology - Health - 21.09.2016
Transition Within Mental Health Must Get Better
The 21st Century Cures Act has been both lauded and criticized, but one thing about it is for sure - the bill was a landmark achievement for receiving bipartisan support in an era when bipartisanship is scarce.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 20.09.2016
Low English skills at school start linked to behavioural difficulties
Low English skills at school start linked to behavioural difficulties
Children who enter reception with poor English language skills - whether it's their first language or an additional language - are more likely to have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in later years, finds a new study co-authored by UCL and Royal Holloway and funded by Wellcome. The research, published today in Child Development , found the cognitive advantages of bilingualism tend to help with academic achievement only if English skills are sufficient at school entry for the child to be fully engaged.

Health - Psychology - 13.09.2016
Increased focus on the mental health of young obesity surgery patients
Study points out how important follow-ups are to evaluate patients? psychological well-being after gastric bypass surgery.

Health - Psychology - 12.09.2016
Could quality of sleep have to do with sex differences?
You may have noticed that women are more prone to sleep disturbances than men. They are, for instance, up to twice as likely to suffer from insomnia than men.

Psychology - 08.09.2016
Older people offer resource that children need, Stanford report says
New Stanford research shows that aging adults play critical roles in the lives of young people, especially the most vulnerable in society.

Health - Psychology - 30.08.2016
Probing Question: Can Combat PTSD be cured?
When people suffer from Combat PTSD, there may be major changes in behavior and personality with no outward change in their appearance.

Pedagogy - Psychology - 25.08.2016
University of Sussex Rudd Centre set to host adoption symposium
University of Sussex Rudd Centre set to host adoption symposium
University of Sussex Rudd Centre set to host adoption symposium A symposium featuring the latest research to improve the outcomes of adopted children and their families has been confirmed to take place at the University of Sussex on Tuesday 15th November 2016. Aimed at policy makers, national and local government, charities, and social care practitioners the symposium will review the very latest research examining family relationship processes and child and adolescent mental health outcomes, with a core focus on highlighting recent practice and policy developments in this area.

Health - Psychology - 25.08.2016
Women's Mental Health 2016 Youth Award Winners interview researchers in the Section of Women's Mental Health
The winners of the Women's Mental Health (WMH) 2016 Youth Award in Health Research and Science Communication spent two days in the Section of Women's Mental Health in August 2016.

Mathematics - Psychology - 20.08.2016
Three Scientific Tips for Going Back-to-School
By Shilo Rea / 412-268-6094 / shilo [at] cmu (p) edu With more than 205 trillion ways to teach and learn , it's easy to understand why going back to school can be overwhelming for students and their instructors.

Psychology - Health - 19.08.2016
Have we misunderstood post-traumatic stress disorder?
In understanding war-related post-traumatic stress disorder, a person's cultural and professional context is just as important as how they cope with witnessing wartime events, which could change the way mental health experts analyse, prevent and manage psychological injury from warfare.  This understanding of the connection between PTSD and the context of those who suffer from it could change the way mental health experts analyse, prevent and manage psychological injury from warfare.

Psychology - Health - 18.08.2016
Designing better ways to let go of digital memories than ‘delete’
Researchers are looking at better ways of helping grieving people let go of emotionally-charged digital content after the death of loved ones or the break-up of relationships.

Psychology - Economics / Business - 17.08.2016
Study discerns elements of successful diversity training
New research from Cornell's School of Hotel Administration (SHA), which evaluated a variety of diversity training programs offered by business organizations and institutions, sheds some light on developing training that has a significant impact in addressing stereotyping and other biases in work environments.
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