Revisiting: Comedian Maz Jobrani on noticing the good in his life

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Comedian Maz Jobrani was on an episode of the Science of Happiness, a podcast by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. ( Artwork by Whitney Anderson )

In this Berkeley Talks episode, we revisit an interview that we first shared in 2019:

Growing up in an immigrant family, comedian Maz Jobrani knew his parents wanted him to be a lawyer or doctor, maybe an engineer. When he became a comedian, he says, the whole community was sad for the family. "They were like, ’Did you hear about Jobrani’s son? Yeah, it’s a shame. He’s almost a drug dealer.”

Jobrani was recently a guest on the Science of Happiness, a podcast from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. In his episode, called "Notice the Good in Your Life,” Jobrani talks with host Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor and the founder and faculty director of the Greater Good Science Center, about his 2017 stand-up special on Netflix, Immigrant.

Listen to the full conversation in Berkeley Talks episode #104: "Comedian Maz Jobrani on noticing the good in his life.”

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