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Environment - Social Sciences - 30.06.2021

Social Sciences - Event - 30.06.2021

Social Sciences - 30.06.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Social Sciences - 30.06.2021
Black hole at center of swirling new women-in-science mural
Black hole expert Chung-Pei Ma, center, painting the supermassive black hole at the center of Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya's new women-in-science mural, Horizon Light, last Wednesday in San Carlos, California.

Social Sciences - Art and Design - 29.06.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 29.06.2021

Social Sciences - Environment - 29.06.2021
Flood relocation programs more disruptive to those who don't live in white or affluent neighborhoods
Flood relocation programs more disruptive to those who don’t live in white or affluent neighborhoods
A government policy that removes homeowners from flood-prone areas disproportionately disrupts the lives of residents from less white and affluent neighborhoods, according to new research from sociologists at Rice University and Temple University.

Religions - Social Sciences - 28.06.2021
Severity of abuses of minors within the Catholic church
Severity of abuses of minors within the Catholic church
Last April, the Spanish Catholic Church recognized, for the first time, 220 cases of abuses to minors by Spanish priests since 2001, according to what the representative of the Spanish Episcopal Conference stated in a press release.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 28.06.2021
Major £2.8 million UKRI funding to explore mental health outcomes for care-experienced young people
Major £2.8 million UKRI funding to explore mental health outcomes for care-experienced young people
The new research led by Dr Rachel Hiller (Bath) and Dr Lisa Holmes (Oxford), will look at the impact of transitions for care-experienced young people.

Health - Social Sciences - 25.06.2021
Firearm injuries in children, teens costly for U.S. health care system, Stanford study finds
The average cost of initial hospitalization to treat pediatric gun injuries is about $13,000 per patient and has risen in recent decades, a Stanford Medicine study found.

Social Sciences - Law - 25.06.2021
Why is anti-trans violence on the rise in America’
A memorial was held in New York's Washington Square Park for Dominique Lucious, a transgender woman murdered in Springfield, Mo.

Health - Social Sciences - 24.06.2021

Social Sciences - 24.06.2021
UN official launches UCL centre for disaster warnings research
The new UCL Warning Research Centre, the world's only institute researching the role of warning systems in managing hazards, risks, vulnerabilities and disasters, has been formally launched by Mami Mizutori, the head of the UN's Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).

Social Sciences - Health - 23.06.2021
Older Americans are aging better than ever, especially women
Over the past decade, the news has largely been good for older Americans: More people are able to meet their daily care needs without assistance and women seem to be thriving the most.

Social Sciences - 22.06.2021
Opinion: Balancing care and surveillance with smartphones and contact tracing
The development of smartphone technology aimed at curbing the spread of a pandemic across the globe has exposed a fine line between individual privacy and collective welfare, says Professor Daniel Miller (UCL Anthropology). The astonishing rise of smartphones in everyday life has created many solutions (GPS maps, internet browsing and messaging, to name just a few).

Social Sciences - 22.06.2021
Actively Addressing Inequalities Promotes Social Change
People who have contact with other social groups are more likely to be committed to social justice. However, an international study led by the University of Zurich has shown that for this to be the case, power relations and discrimination must be actively addressed and group-specific needs must be met.

Social Sciences - 21.06.2021
Report identifies barriers to accessing dental care for low-income Californians
A policy brief by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research identifies three of the most important factors that have led to disparities in Californians' access to dental care.

Environment - Social Sciences - 21.06.2021
Climate education project takes root in high school gardens
A project which aims to plant the seeds of climate awareness and action through gardening is branching out across Glasgow high schools.

Social Sciences - 21.06.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 21.06.2021
Tartans Aid India Through COVID Crisis
Carnegie Mellon University With contemporary skillsets and technological aptitude, the members of the Carnegie Mellon community often apply novel solutions to real world-problems.

Social Sciences - Health - 21.06.2021
How American racism is rooted in residential segregation
A new UC Berkeley report shows America's cities continue to be segregated, causing negative outcomes and disparities for people of color.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 20.06.2021
Young refugees clash with structures
VUB research exposes difficulties for young newcomers in Belgium June 20 is World Refugee Day For his doctoral research, Minne Huysman, of the VUB's adult educational sciences department, followed 122 young newcomers who sought protection in Belgium in the summer of 2015.

Social Sciences - 18.06.2021

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 18.06.2021
Berkeley Talks transcript: Rucker Johnson on why school integration works (revisiting)
Listen to  Berkeley Talks episode #117: "Rucker Johnson on why school integration works (revisiting).

Social Sciences - Campus - 17.06.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 17.06.2021
A fifth of people are worried about catching Covid-19
A fifth (21%) of people are currently worried about catching Covid-19, while just under a fifth (18%) are worried about becoming seriously ill from the disease, find UCL researchers as part of the Covid-19 Social Study.

Social Sciences - 17.06.2021

Campus - Social Sciences - 17.06.2021

Law - Social Sciences - 17.06.2021
Berkeley Law experts: ’Share responsibility for refugee’ displacement
By Andrew Cohen With an estimated 80 million refugees and displaced people facing increased uncertainty and growing crises, this year's World Refugee Day on June 20 carries added significance.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 16.06.2021
How conversations about race can help Black parents improve adolescents’ psychological outcomes
FACULTY Q&A Black parents' experiences of racial discrimination can negatively affect their children's psychological outcomes-but talking about these experiences and improving racial socialization competency could help prevent these negative outcomes, according to a new study by a University of Michigan researcher.

Social Sciences - 14.06.2021
West African young people hold key for policymakers to unlock region's potential - study
West African young people hold key for policymakers to unlock region’s potential - study
UK and European policymakers operating in West Africa should focus on the opportunities that young people and migration create for the region instead of simply trying to stop migrants travelling to Europe, a new study recommends.