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Innovation - Sport - 23.06.2022

Sport - 17.06.2022
Celtics may be unfairly impacted by NBA finals scheduling
A landmark study by Australian researchers into jet lag and its impact on NBA performance reveals the Boston Celtics may have a distinct disadvantage in the NBA Finals home games because of jet lag. Senior author Dr Elise Facer-Childs, and her team from the Monash University Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health in Melbourne, studied the impact of travel-related jet lag on performance.

Sport - Mathematics - 16.06.2022
Want to improve your HORSE play? Stats expert breaks down the popular basketball game's odds
Want to improve your HORSE play? Stats expert breaks down the popular basketball game’s odds
For NBA stars and driveway basketball enthusiasts alike, the game HORSE conjures up memories of intense schoolyard competitions and boisterous neighbourhood hangouts.

Sport - Career - 07.06.2022

Health - Sport - 30.05.2022
Preventing and actively treating back pain
Around 1.9 million people in Austria suffer from chronic back pain - it is very widespread and the second most common reason for sick leave.

Sport - Economics / Business - 24.05.2022

Sport - Computer Science - 16.05.2022
Using math to improve your workout
Exercise physiologist and UdeM adjunct professor Guy Thibault is developing a web application for interval training.

Sport - 16.05.2022
Polarized Instagrammers fueled media coverage of NFL athlete activism
News media covered the National Football League national anthem protests more heavily on their Instagram accounts when readers' reactions to protest were more negative and more polarized, according to a University of Michigan study. This reader polarization on Instagram was triggered Sept. 22, 2017, when Donald Trump criticized the athletes who took a knee during the national anthem.

Environment - Sport - 10.05.2022
Playing for climate protection
Playing for climate protection
If Switzerland wants to achieve its goal of being climate neutral by 2050, there are still many hurdles to overcome.

Sport - Health - 10.05.2022
The New York Times reports on the Universitat's research about resistance bands for training
The New York Times reports on the Universitat’s research about resistance bands for training
The New York Times has reported on a research of the Universitat de València about resistance bands for personal training and physical condition in general.

Sport - Social Sciences - 09.05.2022
Solidarity in the stadium
Solidarity in the stadium
Football clubs in former coal mining areas play an important role in terms of social cohesion between the now unemployed In large swathes of Germany's industrial Ruhr Valley region, coal mining is a thing of the past as is true in other European coalfields.

Campus - Sport - 09.05.2022

Sport - 26.04.2022
Soccer in Motown: 'Passion for our city, passion for the game'
Soccer in Motown: ’Passion for our city, passion for the game’
How do you script the story of an unlikely sport inspiring a diverse, urban community? By writing a chapter about how a soccer team has provided opportunities to grow and belong Alex Wright DCFC Co-owner U-M Alum We didn-t invent anything.

Campus - Sport - 25.04.2022

Health - Sport - 21.04.2022
Cricket: more than a game for Pakistani team's new doctor
Cricket: more than a game for Pakistani team’s new doctor
A lifelong passion for cricket and sports medicine has taken Dr Najeeb Soomro from Pakistan to Australia and back again - working for hospitals and local cricket teams, from Broken Hill to Bunbury.

Sport - 19.04.2022
Parents learn tips to 'Play Well' through online program
Parents learn tips to ’Play Well’ through online program
Practical tips to help maximise children's enjoyment and participation in Junior Rugby League (JRL) will soon be available for Queensland parents via an online program.

Social Sciences - Sport - 12.04.2022
Expert insights: What we learned about keeping kids active during the pandemic
Organized play and sporting opportunities for children have finally started to resume after having just passed the two-year mark of the pandemic.

Sport - Health - 10.03.2022
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