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Sport - 15.06.2021
Lies to hide doping in professional sport
Lies to hide doping in professional sport
Göttingen University sports sociologist analyses false statements from professional cyclists How do top athletes talk about doping when they themselves are using performance-enhancing drugs?

Sport - 28.05.2021
Landmark agreement catapults Para-sport research to next level
Cutting-edge innovation in Paralympic sport performance will enter a new era after an agreement was signed between Paralympics Australia and key Queensland-based sporting and research bodies including The University of Queensland.

Sport - Campus - 18.05.2021

Sport - Health - 17.05.2021

Sport - 29.04.2021

Health - Sport - 13.04.2021

Sport - 03.04.2021
Stanford survives South Carolina, will play for NCAA title Sunday
Next Game: vs. Arizona came up with a big shot, and Stanford got a little bit of luck to get back to the national championship game for the first time in 11 years.

Sport - Social Sciences - 26.03.2021
Social, not just biological factors, key in increased knee injuries among girls and women
A new BJSM paper argues that the reason women are more prone to sports injuries has more to do with gendered environments than female biology.

Sport - Social Sciences - 22.03.2021

Sport - 16.03.2021
Social media coverage of sports information underrepresents women, the disabled and minority sports
The research describes the unequal coverage of these groups on the Twitter profiles of four European public broadcasters. Xavier Ramon, a researcher and lecturer with the Department of Communication, is co-author of the study published in Journalism Studies . The research describes unequal sports coverage in respect of gender, people with disabilities and minority sports on the Twitter profiles dealing with sport of four European public broadcasters.

Sport - Economics / Business - 02.03.2021
Impact of lockdown on the gambling habits of sports bettors
Study reveals impact of lockdown on the gambling habits of sports bettors Around one in six sports bettors started a new form of gambling during the initial COVID-19 lockdown, and one in three placed bets more frequently, according to a new study.

Sport - 28.02.2021
UChicago students team up with pro athletes to fight inequality
For many University of Chicago students, George Floyd's death at the hands of police-and the racial reckoning it ignited-became a renewed call to action in the battle against inequality.

Sport - 25.02.2021
Division 1 Draws International Scholar-Athletes to UC San Diego
San Diegans do not have to travel to the Olympics to see athletes from around the world compete in the sport they love.

Sport - Computer Science - 23.02.2021
Brand new virtual reality box for pioneering research into virtual sports
Innovations will make sports in virtual world possible Research into sports in virtual reality (VR) will soon start at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Sport - Social Sciences - 22.12.2020
Tackling prejudice, bias through soccer
Tackling prejudice, bias through soccer
Under the right conditions, a diverse soccer team can pull off the ultimate hat trick: It can reduce prejudice, build trust and increase tolerance among players from opposing sides of a conflict.

Sport - Career - 16.12.2020

Sport - Campus - 04.12.2020

Sport - Campus - 18.11.2020

Campus - Sport - 26.10.2020

Sport - Psychology - 19.10.2020
MatchFit app uses football to provide resources and support to vulnerable groups
An new app which uses football as a theme to provide positive resources and support for vulnerable groups including the young and the homeless has been launched by the Street Soccer Foundation , a charity run by ex-football player Keith Mabbutt.

History / Archeology - Sport - 12.10.2020
Central Asian Horse Riders Played Ball Games 3,000 Years Ago
Central Asian Horse Riders Played Ball Games 3,000 Years Ago
Researchers have investigated ancient leather balls discovered in the graves of horse riders in northwest China.

Health - Sport - 24.09.2020
Yale designates labs in three states to provide SalivaDirect(TM) COVID-19 test
Yale designates labs in three states to provide SalivaDirect(TM) COVID-19 test
Yale has designated three independent laboratories to perform the university-developed  SalivaDirect (TM)  COVID-19 test. Along with  Yale Pathology Labs  - the first to offer the test -  Access Medical Laboratories ,  Hennepin County Medical Center  (HCMC), and  Mirimus, Inc.
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