Student Health and Wellbeing Community of Practice Workshop Series

The Student Health and Wellbeing Community of Practice was established to support the Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy and improve collaboration across campus.

We aim to foster an inclusive community that is supportive, caring and respectful for all at UCL, and we would love you to join us if you have involvement with or interest in student health and wellbeing. Find out more and join our Teams Space here.

This month, we are kicking off a new Workshop Series, through which we hope to empower our colleagues to confidently support students and have answers to those difficult questions. This is particularly aimed at staff working directly with students, as we aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge to be proactive in supporting and engaging students. These will be delivered by a wide range of staff from Student Support and Wellbeing, UCL teaching and research staff, and Students’ Union UCL staff and officers.

Sessions will take place on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 12.30, structured by a 30-minute workshop followed by a 15 minute Q&A. These will all take place on MS Teams. We have confirmed workshops covering topics including sleep and memory, habit formation, the new Student Triage and Referral Tool (STaRT) and more! Read more below to find out about this term’s workshops and to book your place via Eventbrite.

29 October: Memory and Sleep with Victoria Garfield (Research Associate in Genetic Epidemiology)

In this session, Victoria will discuss sleep as a function and why it is important, and the negative impacts of poor sleep on health. With a focus on students, Victoria will also explore how disordered sleep can in fact cause worse cognitive function in terms of reaction times and memory, and how this can affect university students in particular.

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12 November: Staff-student communication with Aarushi Menon (Students’ Union UCL Women’s Officer)

In this workshop, Aarushi will discuss approaches to improving the staff-student communication cascade, on department, faculty, and institution-wide levels. She will consider the feeling of many students around the lack of information which can lead to students missing out on valuable details and opportunities, as well as how this can lead to misinformation across the student body.

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26 November: Active Bystander with Beverley Isibor (Leadership Development Coordinator, Students’ Union UCL)

In this workshop, Beverley will introduce and discuss the Active Bystander Programme, a joint programme between UCL and the Union. It is part of the campaign to tackle unacceptable behaviours at UCL and beyond, saying full stop to sexual misconduct, bullying and harassment in any form. An Active Bystander aims to challenge poor behaviours, and bring about cultural alteration through the strengthening messages that define boundaries of unacceptable behaviour. Working collectively we can bring about change and create a safe and supportive community for all - that is an Active Bystander.

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10 December - Habit Formation with Dr Phillippa Lally (Senior Research Fellow, Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health)

In this workshop, Phillippa will discuss her research around habit formation and linking this to student study habits. She will also discuss the importance of making habits of positive behaviours that students can do automatically, including having a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

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17 December - Supporting the Supporter with Chilima Sianyeuka (Student Support and Wellbeing Manager, Mental Health and Wellbeing).

In the final workshop of this term, Chilima will discuss Supporting the Supporter, providing staff with advice and guidance on building in support mechanisms within a team.

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