Sustainable Futures Challenge Areas Defined

UoM is committed to supporting and amplifying the excellent research on environmental sustainability across the University through the creation of Sustainable Futures. Building on an extensive mapping and consultation exercise an interdisciplinary working group proposed an initial framing for the Sustainable Futures’ scope, activities and the particular challenge areas that it should address. A large group of colleagues from across UoM met in early 2021 to share their feedback on the proposed challenge areas and are part of the continued discussion and refinement of framing and scope. The identified interconnected challenge areas are:

  • Resilient futures: fulfilling societal functions in the face of accumulating and disruptive environmental change at various scales, whilst ensuring our natural environments are protected, restored and sustained.
  • Resourceful futures: providing for human needs in ways that sustainably manage finite resources and recover value from rather than lose materials into the environment.
  • Net-zero futures: delivering rapid emissions reductions and enhancing our ability to remove and store carbon.
  • Healthy futures: managing risks to humans and ecosystems and realising the benefits of transitioning to an environmentally sustainable future.
  • Inclusive and prosperous futures: delivering environmental sustainability through a just transition that enables communities to thrive.

Connect with Sustainable Futures

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