Tackling anti-Semitism by building community links

UQ’s Multi-Faith Chaplaincy is attempting to dispel myths and misconceptions that could contribute to people being targeted for being Jewish.

Pastoral care worker David Hale said an open workshop on anti-Semitism would be held next month as part of its focus on social justice.

“Anti-Semitism is still real in society today, it’s still having an impact on people’s lives, their livelihood, and there’s a need to tackle that discrimination because everyone has a right to live a life where they’re not experiencing that,” he said.

“We thought that this would be one small way that we could do something about it.”

Mr Hale said the idea was to give people practical ways of confronting and dealing with any discrimination.

“We will we go through the different ways that people can help.

“It’s not just responding to it if you see it, but there are also charities that you can support.

“It will also allow people to understand the long-standing history of anti-Semitism, the stereotypes surrounding Jewish people and the responses from religious leaders.”

The workshop will be open to UQ staff and students, and the public.

“It’s an open space and a safe place for people to talk about these issues,” Mr Hale said.

“We want a more universal view of things, so we would just love people to come - no matter who they are or where they’re from.

“We need to tackle anti-Semitism wherever it is and so the more people we have from different backgrounds, workplaces and communities to take what they learn back with them, the better.”

The workshop will be held on Thursday 16 August at the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy.

To register, contact Mr Hale.

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