Ten new members for Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA)

Four young academics from VU Amsterdam, vife from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and one from Amsterdam UMC have been appointed as members of the Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA): the network of young academics at VU Amsterdam, UvA and Amsterdam UMC.

is a network of promising, young Amsterdam academics whose research extends beyond their own discipline. It was founded in 2018 by a number of Amsterdam-based members of De Jonge Akademie and commits to interdisciplinary research, social dialogue and research policy.

The ten new members in 2022 are:

VU Amsterdam:

Femke van der Wilt (Family studies)

Nadia Ismaili (Law)

Lachezar Yanev (Law)

Berend van der Kolk (Accounting)

Klaas Eller (Law)

Vittoria Scalera (International Business)

meLê Yamomo (Theatre studies)

Diletta Marinelli (Mathematics)

Marie Deserno (Psychology)

Amsterdam UMC:

Tiago Reis Matos (Dermatologie)