TEQSTARS internship programme will find future research leaders

A School of Engineering spin-out company has launched a novel competition to identify and develop exceptional research leaders of the future.

With the support of the University and Cardiff Council, Q Chip Limited, the emerging bio-pharmaceutical company is inviting graduates and post graduates from the science and engineering schools at Cardiff to apply for three, six month fast-track funded internships through its TEQSTARS programme.

For the successful candidates, Q Chip will provide a hot-house environment for talented and ambitious scientists and engineers to develop their research and collaborative skills in one of the fastest growing biotechnology companies in Wales.

The three selected candidates will each take up a six month long, paid internship, in which they will work collaboratively on a single, multidisciplinary research project.

The internship programme will provide successful candidates with an opportunity to enhance research and collaborative skills through product development in a leading biotechnology company and gain vital CV enhancing industrial experience. In addition to the funded placement, the best candidate, judged by a panel of leading academics, will win an additional cash prize.

Q Chip, which spun out from the University in 2003 and already employs 30 staff., works with drugs that are made from fragile biological material, for example insulin, that can’t be taken orally. Typically these drugs require daily injections, which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Q Chip has developed a manufacturing process that enables the drug to be encapsulated in very small beads. The diameter of the beads is less than the width of a human hair and they are made from special material that can be safely injected into the body. The beads are designed to slowly release the drug over many weeks, significantly lowering the number of injections a patient requires.

The TEQSTARS programme is now open and all applications must be submitted by Friday 22nd July 2011. If you would like to be considered for one of the internship positions, please download, complete and email an Application Form to teqstars [a] q-chip (p) com

Q Chip has recently completed a 3.6M funding round that has enabled the establishment of a manufacturing facility at the Chemelot site in South Limburg, The Netherlands (Q Chip BV). Q Chip expects to enter clinical trials with its lead product, Q-Leuprolide a treatment for prostate cancer, in early 2012.

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