The app SocUB brings new features

Acadèmic The app for phone devices, SocUB, has new resources for this academic year 2021/2022. Among the new features is the integration of the digital student card and the Cercabib of CRAI Libraries, which provides the students with the library network of the UB just one click away. The aim of these improvements is to offer practical resources to the students to help them on their day-to-day at the University.

The student card, now in the SocUB app

This academic year, the UB will have, apart from a physical card, a digital card inside the SocUB app. The card allows students to identify themselves as members of the university community, to do telematic procedures and formalities at the University, and it gives them access to the benefits plan. This card is only available for the collective of students of the University and affiliated centres for now. In order to get the digital card, you need to download the SocUB app, choose the student profile, fill in the identification form and go to the card option to see it. For further information, please visit this link.

Libraries are closer now

Moreover, the students will have the libraries closer thanks to the CRAI libraries’ Cercabib feature on the SocUB app. With this function, users can access to updated information in their accounts, such as the state of their bookings, documents about to expire, and overdue loans. Also, they can check the schedule of the libraries and book working rooms. Students can also do a quick search on Cercabib simultaneously in all the CRAI libraries and, with the "Favourites" option, access the records and saved searches, as well as the search history.

SocUB: the University in your pocket

The free app SocUB gathers practical and personalized information about the University, apart from a collection of important services for the university life, which the students will also have with them using their phones. The aim is to bring the University closer to the students, and create an instant and efficient communication channel.

The app is available in Catalan, Spanish and English for Android and iOS devices. To enter the app, students need to use the identification and password they already use in Món UB. Once inside, they can access all the features of the app, and they can personalize the home screen. The complete catalogue of features is available in the SocUB website , where you can download the app, and also access the website version of the app.

The SocUB app, created by Ex Libris, has been promoted by the Corporate Image and Publicity Unit of the UB, in collaboration with the Information and Communication Technologies Area. The app is under constant revision and evolution, and it is expected to add the TRS and AdSS profiles in the future.

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