The Faculty of Law obtains AQU Internal Quality Assurance System certification

The Faculty of Law obtains AQU Internal Quality Assurance System certification


The Faculty of Law obtained the certification by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU) for the internal quality assurance System (SAIQU). AQU certifies that SAIQU is fully implemented at the Faculty of Law and that is suitable for ensuring the quality of the bachelor and master studies taught at the Faculty. Out of the six dimensions assessed in order to give the certification, the faculty has received the highest score in five of them, the top results to date by the UB.

"This has been possible thanks to the dedication and commitment of the Faculty regarding the continuous improvement in all the processes", notes the dean, Xavier Pons. "This is a collective and long-lasting effort of both academics and the government of the Faculty, and especially, the Quality Unit; as well as the centre’s AdSS and the teaching staff who, from their fields, have shown their commitment to the improvement and quality", he continues. The vice-rector for Academic Policy and Quality, Maria Pilar Delgado, adds that "these results have been possible thanks to the leadership of the dean’s office and the Agency for Policy and Quality of the UB".

To get the SAIQU certification, an external committee appointed by AQU analysed the documentation provided by the Faculty, such as the master plan, the manual of quality and processes for SAIQU, and a series of indicators and reports related to the implementation of the processes. The committee held meetings with the heads of the centre and different representatives of the Faculty, ranging from academic positions to teaching staff, AdSS, students and graduates.

With this certification, the Faculty of Law can access the institutional accreditation, which allows it to recognize automatically all the official studies taught there. An individual accreditation process will not be required for each degree, as it was done to date.

The certification process is organized at the Agency for Policy and Quality of the UB. The Faculty of Law is the third center of the UB to hold a SAIQU certification, following the faculties of Economics and Business and of Chemistry, which received it last year.

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