The UB holds a conference by Seema Jayachandran within the prestigious cycle Kapuscinski Development Lectures

Seema Jayachandran.

Seema Jayachandran.


Seema Jayachandran graduated in Electric Engineering in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holds a doctorate in Economics from Harvard University and a master’s degree in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford. She is currently a professor of Economics at the Northwestern University, and focuses her research on the environmental conservation, gender equality and several issues related to societies in developing countries. On Tuesday, May 24, Seema Jayachandran will give a conference at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UB, as part of the Kapuscinski Development Lectures, organized by the European Union and the United Nations Development Program. In the conference, Jayachandran will show that gender equality contributes to the economic growth of countries and at the same time, the economic progress involves a greater equity among men and women.

Seema Jayachandran will show that inequality rates are higher in counties with lower income. First, she will talk about how, as a country grows, its labour market requires more "brains" than "muscles". Also, she will explain how, once mothers gain power in the home decision-taking, the family becomes more involved in the health and education of the offspring. Then, she will also explain the reasons why there are some exceptions to this relationship between progress and equality, as well as the role public policies can play.

Seema Jayachandran is a board member of the international humanitarian organization CARE and board member of the Abdul Latif Jameel Action Poverty Laboratory (J-PAL), where she is the director of the gender section. She co-leads the program of the National Bureau of Economic Research of the United States and is the co-editor of the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

The Kapuscinski Development Lectures started in 2009, and since then, there have been 130 conferences in several countries worldwide. The cycle, which is named after the Polish writer and reporter Ryszard Kapuscinski, consists of high-level conferences about topics related to the development, such as climate change, human rights or the effectiveness of development aid, among others.

To attend the conference, please register here.

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