The interplay of entrepreneurial ecosystems and global value chains

Priscila Ferri has published a new paper in Technology in Society alongside co-authors which explores the interplay of entrepreneurial ecosystems and global value chains sharing insights from the cultivated meat entrepreneurial ecosystem of Singapore.

Despite the growing interest in the concept of entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE), the structure of value-adding activities within ecosystems remains overlooked. Therefore, in this paper we explore a possible conceptual interplay between the EE and the global value chain (GVC) literature. We do so by analyzing the case of the cultivated meat (CM) innovation EE of Singapore. Through secondary data and in-depth interviews, it was possible to describe major framework and systemic conditions of the CM Singaporean EE. Such EE conditions were discussed in relation to the evolving cultivated meat chain, in terms of input-output structure, geographic scope, upgrading activity, and chain governance. This, in turn, provided insights that allowed for the conception of a set of seven propositions, which open new avenues for understanding EEs, GVCs, and their interplay in emerging high-tech industries. Moreover, by bringing light to such interplays, our work may contribute to entrepreneurs’ and policymakers’ activity, so that the transition in the way we produce food contributes to improving social conditions for all.