The School of Modern Languages, authorized centre to certify CELTA and DELTA certificates


Aiming to offer the top formation and accreditation for all people who want to teach English, since January, the School of Modern Languages (EIM) of the University of Barcelona is an authorized centre to certify the CELTA and DELTA certificates.Barcelona is an authorized centre to certify the CELTA and DELTA certificates.

The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults ( CELTA ) is aimed at people who wish to begin their professional career and to teachers with previous experience, as well as people who want to learn to travel and teach English. It is also aimed at foreigners without teaching experience, philologists and people with experience in language schools.

CELTA is the most distinguished teaching certificate worldwide and the tests to obtain it are assessed by the University of Cambridge. The CELTA course in EIM consists of a minimum of 120 face-to-face teaching hours, divided into theoretical classes (in which the students learn the class management, analysis of language, teaching techniques and design of the appropriate didactic materials) and teaching practical lessons with real trainees (students put in practice what they have studied at school with students with different levels). At the end of the course, they will have carried out a minimum of six hours of teaching, observed and assessed by the tutors. The schedule and fees are available on the website of the course.

The Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults ( DELTA ), on the other hand, is aimed at teachers with experience who want to reach higher positions or teachers who wish to major in a specific field.

At the moment, EIM offers three DELTA modules. The first one focuses on the theory that supports English teaching and learning in different contexts, and is assessed through a written examination. The 2nd module is aimed at people who want to specialize in English teaching in order to improve both teaching and the assessment of the students’ learning. It is assessed through a file of practical teaching based on courses and written tasks that include a lesson, and a task assessed by Cambridge externally. The 3rd module focuses on the analysis of the needs, the design of the syllabus, the planning and the assessment of the courses. The students have to design a course program related to a speciality. This module is externally assessed through a wide project of written research. All the information related to the course is available in the website.

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