The universities and research centres support Catalonia as the location for the industry of semiconductors and microchips



The University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Technical University of Catalonia, the University of Girona, Rovira i Virgili University, the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona and EURECAT are members of the initiative FabCat for the promotion of Catalonia as one of the locations of one of the semiconductor factories to be built in the European Union.

Now, these university, research and technological centres are holding the announcement by the Spanish Government of a new Strategic project for the economy recovery and transformation (PERTE) on microchips and semiconductors, which will receive a public investment of more than 11,000 million euros from the Next Generation European Funds.

The universities and research centres have taken part in FabCat together with the Barcelona and Girona Chambers of Commerce, supply companies and volunteer groups coordinated by Tecnoateneu de Vilablareix. FabCat has highlighted the existence of technological knowledge in Catalonia and the expertise of human resources for the design and application of the microchip technology.

Moreover, it has also highlighted the availability of material media and the industrial territory with the most demanding requirements to hold a great project of semiconductor production. The industry of microchips is a strategical sector and of great potential interest. According to the working program of the European Commission for 2022, published on October 19, 2021, a proposal on a European law on chips will be published during the second term of 2022. The scarcity of electronic elements has become apparent and is one of the strategical priorities for strengthening the European continent in the current technological and digital challenges.