This year’s edition of "The UB in figures" includes data on the COVID-19 carried out actions


This year, coinciding with the opening of the academic year, the new edition of The UB in figures is here, with the most outstanding data from last academic year. The report shares, in four pages, the main dimensions of the University and its academic activity, and we can see the developed evolution over the last courses. This year, it also provides information on the carried-out actions during the academic year 2019/2020 regarding COVID-19.

The document features the actions and collaborations of the UB with the Department of Health of the Catalan Government that have resulted from the COVID-19 situation, as well as the Connecta UB grants, which have helped 319 students, and the participation of 1,028 students of the bachelor’s degree on Medicine and Nursing, who have collaborated as volunteers during the pandemic.

It also states that the number of students of bachelor’s degree in the academic year 2019/2020 is about 41,800, figures that account for the 32% of the total of the students in the public and face-to-face university system in Catalonia. This edition offers more data, such as the increase of the raised funds for research and transfer; 144,634,109 euros in 2019, compared to the 133,383,320 euros in 2018 and the 88,325,905 in 2017.

In the research chapter, the document informs about the 932 active research projects and the 544 oral examinations (lectura de la tesi). In this sense, the students have valued with 7.5 the option to submit their doctoral theses online. Other distinguished data are the 114 entities that are located at the Barcelona Science Park and the scientific equipment of the Scientific and Technological Centers of the UB, valued in 42 million euros. Regarding the activity of Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, it highlights that 826 contracts have been signed, that is, 107 more than last year.

Other data in the report is, for instance, the 682,107 square meters of the built area in different centers of the University and the distribution in income and expenses of the 408,191,474-euro budget. Moreover, there are figures that present the internationalization of the UB, such as the 1,705 international students in the exchange programs, and the 1,392 UB students in international centers. The chapter on services states that the archives of monographs and online books in the CRAI libraries is of 1,862,644. Another data is the 1,248 people who took part in UB Volunteering activities.

The UB in figures is a model document for governing bodies and the members of the university community. It is also a presentation letter of the University for other institutions, both national and international, and society itself. Made by the Technical Bureau of the Rector’s Office and published by Publications and Editions of the UB, this year, there are a total of 1,550 copies in Catalan , and.

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