TU/e in the picture for millions of travelers at Eindhoven Airport

Various student teams and spin-offs will be featured at the airport, with the displays changing every few months.

Eindhoven University of Technology will be prominently visible at Eindhoven Airport as of today. Beautiful large billboards and appealing student projects will be on display in the arrivals hall. This is a tangible result of the growing cooperation between the university and the airport with the goal to achieve sustainable innovation at the airport.

Travelers landing at Eindhoven Airport can get to know about TU/e immediately upon their arrival at the airport as three large billboards telling the story of the university will be on view as of today. Six life-size pictures have been chosen that incorporate a mix of technology, people, and social relevance.

Light trail

The same hall also features an exhibition by TU/e start-up Hypar Collective in the form of illuminated cubes that symbolize the growth of the Brainport region. And student team Team Ignite has installed a path of luminous paper airplanes on the ceiling of the hall, guiding visitors to the arrivals exit. With this installation, the student team aims to control visitor flows via light.

Various student teams and spin-offs will be featured at the airport, with the displays changing every few months. They will showcase innovative solutions created through the principle of challenge-based learning (CBL), which is one of TU/e’s strengths and in which students learn by working on real-world problems. Previously, TU/e’s soccer robots were on display at the airport, while the brain stimulation techniques of start-up Aristotle will be featured this summer.


The university’s visibility at the airport says something about the cooperation that has intensified over the past few years. EIRES - the TU/e’s energy institute - and Eindhoven Airport, for example, work together within a consortium with Brainport Development on making the airport more sustainable over the coming years.

For the airport, the main spearhead for the coming years is not growth, but a high quality and sustainable airport. Eindhoven Airport aims to operate as an energy-neutral and emission-free airport by 2030. The consortium is investigating ways to make this is possible. A model is being developed for the entire airport that focuses on the integration of a number of sustainable energy innovations.

For TU/e, the collaboration is an excellent opportunity to develop, apply, and valorize scientific knowledge. The airport offers an inspiring and interesting place for scientists, student teams, and spin-offs to come and do research.


TU/e Chairman of the Board Robert-Jan Smits: "I am proud that the millions of travelers who arrive here every year will now see TU/e as the beating heart of the Brainport region as soon as they arrive. Working together with businesses is in our DNA, the partnership with Eindhoven Airport is a brilliant example of this."

Roel Hellemons, CEO Eindhoven Airport: "We are delighted to introduce passengers to the great stories from the high-tech industry in our region immediately upon arrival. In this way, we function as a worthy entrance to the Brainport region. TU/e is the birthplace of many technical innovations. As many international students travel via Eindhoven Airport, we also contribute to attracting international talent and strengthening the Brainport region."