UB Science and Technology Centres room named after scientist Núria Cortadellas

A moment during the classroom naming function.A moment during the classroom naming function.


Today, Wednesday, March 30, the room Núria Cortadellas Ramentol in the historical building of the Science and Technology Centres of the UB (CCiTUB) was inaugurated. The initiative is part of the campaign "UB rooms with female names", promoted by the Vice-rector’s Office of Equal Opportunities and Gender in order to give visibility to the women of the University of Barcelona.

Núria Cortadellas Ramentol, scientist and head of Electronic Microscopy in the Medicine Campus, worked for 32 years in the CCiTUB. In 1991, she got her doctoral degree at the UB with the thesis Maduració de l’acrosoma i de la gota citoplasmàtica de l’espermatozoide de Mesocritcetus auratus: estudi ultrastructural I citoquímic. The study, together with different training stays in the United Kingdom, helped the methodological development of applied techniques to transmission electronic microscopy. When the Microscopy Service of the University joined the Science and Technology Services, the current CCiTUB, Cortadellas became the head of the Unit of Electronic Microscopy. From this period, her cutting-edge contributions to the development of cryotechniques and immunocytochemistry applied to biomedicine are especially remarkable.