University of Manchester selected to offer highly regarded Parliamentary Studies Module

The University of Manchester is one of 23 universities to be awarded the right to deliver the unique and highly regarded Parliamentary Studies Module from the academic year 2024/25 for another 5-year term.

Parliamentary Studies is the only higher education module formally approved by the Houses of Parliament and is co-taught by university tutors and officials from the Houses of Parliament.

Universities teaching the module provide academic and theoretical content, while the Houses of Parliament offer practical teaching about the work, processes and business of Parliament.

It’s the third time since the module was created in 2013 that the UK Parliament has sought collaborators to teach the Parliamentary Studies Module, the format has generated a lot of enthusiasm and engagement with universities across the UK.

The module focuses on how the Houses of Parliament operates and covers themes such as: the structure of Parliament; the role of Select Committees; the role and work of MPs and the role and work of Members of the House of Lords.

In addition to learning about formal procedures, students also get a sense throughout the module of why cultures, traditions, and informal relationships matter when looking at the inner workings of the Houses of Parliament.

Commenting on the announcement Senior Lecturer in Politics and module leader Dr Louise Thompson said:

We are so pleased to have been selected once again to deliver the parliamentary studies module alongside the UK Parliament. It is testament to our high quality teaching and research at Manchester in the area of parliamentary studies and British Politics.

It is a very special module, with visiting speakers from parliament and a class fieldtrip to Westminster. Students are able to and gain first hand insights from MPs, peers and parliamentary officials and bring the theory and practice of their degree programme together.

This year, students taking the Parliamentary Studies module had the privilege to visit Westminster on Wednesday, 29 November to attend a Net Zero Committee evidence session and to follow question time and a debate on a bill from the Commons and Lords Galleries.

Following this, the class met Bernard Jenkins MP (Chair of the Liaison Committee) and Wendy Chamberlain (Liberal Democrat Work and Pensions Spokesperson and Chief Whip) and attended sessions with parliamentary officials where they discussed careers in Parliament, campaigning with Parliament and committee work.

As part of their commitment to running the module, the Department of Politics subsidises travel to Westminster each year for the whole class, ensuring that all can join in what students have described as a ’once in a lifetime experience’.

Find out more about the module here.

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