University transforms waterfront for Marine Week

Plymouth's Coxside will be awash with over 1000 school children next week as the University of Plymouth hosts the four day marine education event, 'A World of Science at Sea' (27-30 April 2009). Police diving teams, marines, coastguards and yachting race legend Conrad Humphreys and his Blue Project Ambassadors are among those who will be on-hand to educate and enthuse pupils from across Devon and Cornwall.

In line with the current Key Stage 3 Science curriculum, students will learn about career options and marine environmental and sustainability issues through a series of hands-on demonstrations and displays including an exhibition specially laid on for the event at the National Marine Aquarium.

'A World of Science at Sea', which is aimed at 12-15 year olds, is designed to raise the aspirations of young people and inspire the next generation to consider careers in the marine sector, as event organiser, Beau LeBredonchel of the University of Plymouth says; "A World of Science at Sea is designed to support school curriculum targets and engage with young people by delivering exciting, aspirational activities that will leave a lasting impression.

"This event compliments the latest initiatives to build a marine hub around Plymouth. What better way to regenerate the area than to encourage young people to invest in the future by taking up careers in this sector. Without up and coming, well trained professionals we can't expect to affect change for the future."

The FREE four day event, which will be hosted at the University's unique diving and marine centre at Coxside (next to the National marine Aquarium) will see the University host 40 school children from 8 different schools per day. It follows the success of the University-led educational strand of last year's Artemis Transat Race where 600 students experienced all the fun of the race, whilst learning about environmental issues, marine life, diving, engineering and tourism opportunities.


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