UPF is organizing the 10th Learning Analytics Summer Institute Spain 2021

Davinia Hernández-Leo is co-organizing and co-chairing the event, this year organized by Pompeu Fabra University with the Open University of Catalonia and the Spanish Network of Learning Analytics (SNOLA). It will be held from 7 to 9 July on the Poblenou campus.

Davinia Hernández-Leo , head of the Interactive and Distributed Technologies for Education research group ( TIDE ) at the UPF Department of Information and Communication Technologies ( DTIC ), is co-organizing and co-chairing the 10th edition of Learning Analytics Summer Institute Spain 2021 , this year in blended format, organized by Pompeu Fabra University, the Open University of Catalonia, and the Spanish Network of Learning Analytics (SNOLA). It will be held from 7 to 9 July on the Poblenou campus.

The tenth edition of this event is part of the global LASI network, conceived as a platform to catalyse educators, technologists, researchers, enterprise and policymakers around shaping the next generation of learning infrastructures to meet the needs of the education sector.

LASI Spain 2021 aims to address the latest advances in learning analytics and gather multidisciplinary but complementary approaches from different fields such as computer science, data science, mathematics, education, sociology and psychology.

Challenges and obstacles to have an impact on education

One of meeting’s framework conferences will be given by Barbara Wasson , a researcher at the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE) at the University of Bergen (Norway), who will discuss the impact of analytical methodologies on education. Through reflections on research to practice, and examples from two projects involving learning analytics. One of the projects on the responses to covid-19 and the other on an infrastructure for learning analytics in a Norwegian municipality, "I will highlight some of the challenges and obstacles making an impact on education", she said.

Increasing students’ cross-disciplinary skills with multimodal learning analytics

Xavier Ochoa , a researcher at New York University (USA), is the second keynote speaker and in the course of his presentation "we will explore how the intersection of learning analytics, artificial intelligence and low cost IoT is fuelling the emergence of a new breed of educational solutions", he announced. Ochoa will consider the opportunities, challenges and risks of automatically generating actionable metrics to help students acquire communication and collaboration skills. Finally, the speaker will examine the state of the art and current trends in this exciting new application of multimodal learning analytics.

LASI Spain 2021 welcomes both quantitative and qualitative work related to the topics of interest within the broad theme of adoption of learning analytics and aims to cross interdisciplinary boundaries that help expand our understanding the current and future trends of learning analytics.



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