UQ celebrates 10 Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships

Ten researchers from The University of Queensland have been awarded $3 million through the 2023 Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships.

program supports collaboration with industry partners on research that aims to drive a resilient and inclusive Queensland economy.

The fellowships will support a range of UQ projects, from the development of more effective disease control in Queensland’s livestock industries, to the creation of the next generation of targeted cancer therapies.

Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship recipients from UQ:

    Dr Eric Dinglasan artificial intelligence for crop breeding to enhance climate-resilient yields and quality.

    Dr Yuan Wang artificial intelligence-based automated inspection systems for custom-made endografts.

    Dr Chenming Zhang will lead research on artificial intelligence-driven monitoring and management of mining waste products.

    Dr Renjie Zhou geochronological mapping to understand the potential of Queensland’s critical minerals to support the journey towards net-zero.

The fellowships are part of the Advance Queensland - Innovation for a Future Economy 2022-2032 Roadmap.