USI presents the first Ph.D Biomed Day

5 Faculties, 11 study curricula, 272 students (including 100 women and 232 from abroad): these are the numbers that define the study programmes for doctoral students at USI. At the new Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, in particular, there are currently 15 Ph.D candidates attending one of the five programs offered. On September 20, at the IRB in Bellinzona, a few of them will present to the public their work in their respective disciplines in immunology, oncology, neuroscience, cardiology and drug design, during the first Ph.D Biomed Day.

The work carried out by the PhD students at USI contributes significantly to the development of research and knowledge, thanks also to the collaboration with professors with an international profile who are capable to access competitive research funds, both national (such as the Swiss National Fund) and international (such as the ERC). The Ph.D candidates of the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences in recent years have been the subject of awards of national importance, such as the Marie Heim-Vögtlin Prize of the SNSF ( ) and that of the Pfizer Prize Foundation for Research ( ).  

The first Ph.D Biomed Day will also include a presentation by Prof. Alain Kälin, director of the Faculty’s doctoral programs, and a keynote speech by Prof. Federica Sallusto of the IRB, who will give a lecture on "Exploring the human immune system in health and disease".

Programme details at :

Read also the attached story of a young Ph.D candidate at IRB, who tells us why she chose to study biomedicine.

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