Using games to succeed in business

A workshop showing how business games and simulations can help students to become more enterprising is taking place at the University of Plymouth next month.

The event is being organised by the Business, Management, Accountancy and Finance subject group of the Higher Education Academy and will be hosted by the Plymouth Business School on 8 June.

Around 20 university lecturers from across the UK will be attending to learn more about how business games can help their students to develop skills by applying what they learn in lectures to real world situations. The Plymouth Business School has been using simulations as part of its teaching for students on business-related courses for many years.

Event organiser Jonathan Moizer said: "Our aim is to help students to be enterprising and creative in the way that they approach business problems. By using games and simulations, we can allow them to experience exactly the sort of real-world problems they will encounter in the future in a safe environment where they can take risks and learn from their mistakes without real consequences. Feedback we have had from students indicates that most of them find taking part in simulations an enjoyable and engaging way of developing their analytical and problem-solving skills."

The workshop will focus on games including: SimVenture, a computer-based game where students are given the task of running a new business; PaperScape, where students are given resources to complete a challenge and must decide how best to achieve their goal and the Business Strategy Game, a computer-based game which will be demonstrated via a live webcast from its American-based developer.


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