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Innovation - 15.05.2024
First step to a common digital portal for engaging with central services

Astronomy / Space - Music - 15.05.2024
High School Student Creates Soundscape of Exploding Stars
Using data from the Zwicky Transient Facility, Southern California high school student Vanya Agrawal creates new "space music.

Astronomy / Space - Earth Sciences - 15.05.2024
5 Things to Know About NASA's Tiny Twin Polar Satellites
5 Things to Know About NASA’s Tiny Twin Polar Satellites
This artist's concept depicts one of two PREFIRE CubeSats in orbit around Earth. The NASA mission will measure the amount of far-infrared radiation the planet's polar regions shed to space - information that's key to understanding Earth's energy balan.

Astronomy / Space - Earth Sciences - 15.05.2024
NASA's Juno Provides High-Definition Views of Europa's Icy Shell
NASA’s Juno Provides High-Definition Views of Europa’s Icy Shell
Jupiter's moon Europa was captured by the JunoCam instrument aboard NASA's Juno spacecraft during the mission's close flyby on Sept.

Physics - Event - 15.05.2024
John Joannopoulos receives 2024-2025 Killian Award

Campus - Career - 15.05.2024
Faces of MIT: Reimi Hicks

Environment - Politics - 15.05.2024
Q&A: Exploring ethnic dynamics and climate change in Africa

Campus - Environment - 14.05.2024
Student-run service offers safe, free rides

Campus - Environment - 14.05.2024
The case for ’math-ish’ thinking

Environment - Health - 14.05.2024
The surprising relationship between marine worms and the algae that live inside them

Health - Campus - 14.05.2024
Innovative immunotherapy for liver cancer treatment

Event - Astronomy / Space - 14.05.2024
Media invitation: Space Council and associated events, 22-23 May 2024

Economics - History / Archeology - 14.05.2024
Tine De Moor’s Rotterdamlezing celebrates the power of citizen collectives

Environment - Health - 14.05.2024
Hay Fever on the Increase Due to Climate Change
The hay fever situation in Switzerland is deteriorating because of climate change: the hay fever season is becoming longer, pollen concentrations are increasing, and highly allergenic invasive plants are becoming widespread. Researchers at the Swiss Commission for Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) and the Swiss Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss) have issued a new fact sheet that summarises the latest findings about the hay fever and pollen situation, and how it is being impacted by climate change.

Health - Life Sciences - 14.05.2024
Over 20,000 people join search for new dementia treatments
More than 20,000 volunteers have been recruited to a resource aimed at speeding up the development of much-needed dementia drugs. The cohort will enable scientists in universities and industry to involve healthy individuals who may be at increased risk of dementia in clinical trials to test whether new drugs can slow the decline in various brain functions including memory and delay the onset of dementia.

Computer Science - Innovation - 14.05.2024
Two new Humboldt Professorships in the field of Artificial Intelligence
Two new Humboldt Professorships in the field of Artificial Intelligence

Health - Psychology - 14.05.2024
Heat as a Health Risk: Need for Action to Raise Public Awareness
On behalf of the federal government, Swiss TPH conducted the first nationally representative population survey in Switzerland about heat and its effects on health.

Chemistry - Life Sciences - 14.05.2024
A bionanomachine for green chemistry
Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have for the first time precisely characterised the enzyme styrene oxide isomerase, which can be used to produce valuable chemicals and drug precursors in an environmentally friendly manner. The study appears today in the journal Nature Chemistry . Enzymes are powerful biomolecules that can be used to produce many substances at ambient conditions.

Campus - 14.05.2024
Students invent quieter leaf blower
Students invent quieter leaf blower

Innovation - 14.05.2024
Event DRI COME TO AMU: the webinar to discover Aix-Marseille University and its surroundings!

Innovation - 14.05.2024
What Motivates Preschoolers to Prepare for the Future
Adults spend an average of 59 times a day thinking about the future. This helps them to cope with upcoming challenges.

Environment - Economics - 14.05.2024
Solutions for a net zero world the focus of Sydney's newest research flagship
Solutions for a net zero world the focus of Sydney’s newest research flagship

Environment - Philosophy - 14.05.2024
’It’s crucial to preserve the integrity of research while making sure researchers can freely express themselves’
The involvement of scientists in public debate has become a central issue.

Computer Science - Innovation - 14.05.2024
Unrivalled Research Infrastructure: TU Graz opens Human-Centered Computing Labs
Unrivalled Research Infrastructure: TU Graz opens Human-Centered Computing Labs
Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the new laboratory spaces offer the opportunity for interdisciplinary research at the interface of man and machine.

Psychology - Health - 14.05.2024
Social online training helps against loneliness and depression
Online intervention helps to promote social skills and reduce mental health problems Mental health problems, loneliness already among the youngest and polarization are rapidly increasing, especially after the Covid19 pandemic.

Computer Science - Environment - 14.05.2024
NRW Academy Welcomes Two New Members from the University of Bonn
NRW Academy Welcomes Two New Members from the University of Bonn

Economics - Electroengineering - 14.05.2024
High-voltage technology to supercharge the mining industry
High-voltage technology to supercharge the mining industry
Zapping rocks with a high-voltage pulse - similar to a lightning strike - could be the answer to decarbonising the mining industry according to researchers from The University of Queensland.

Social Sciences - 14.05.2024
How Bridgerton turned Penelope into its new leading lady

Computer Science - Environment - 14.05.2024
Seven Questions with... Jeremy Lo Ying Ping

Philosophy - Economics - 14.05.2024
Provost’s Update: Understanding our approach to ethical research and investment

Environment - Chemistry - 14.05.2024
How wildfires change soil chemistry
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Social Sciences - 14.05.2024
JHU, Morgan State students collaborate on Black Panther exhibit
JHU, Morgan State students collaborate on Black Panther exhibit
Hopkins, Morgan State students collaborate on Black Panther exhibit at The Peale Their free exhibit, "Revolution in Our Lifetime: The Black Panther Party and Political Organizing in Baltimore, 1968-1

Health - Life Sciences - 14.05.2024
Student innovators on display
SimuStride, a student startup that aims to help amputees transition to a prosthetic limb using augmented reality, won a $30,000 grant as part of the Rothberg Catalyzer Pitch Competition, hosted by the University of Miami College of Engineering.

Physics - Computer Science - 14.05.2024
Five MIT faculty elected to the National Academy of Sciences for 2024

Innovation - Economics - 14.05.2024
3 Questions: Technology roadmapping in teaching and industry

Campus - Innovation - 14.05.2024
Emeritus Jerome Connor, pioneer in structural mechanics, dies at 91

Campus - 14.05.2024
MIT’s Master of Applied Science in Data, Economics, and Design of Policy program adds a public policy track

Computer Science - 14.05.2024
Using ideas from game theory to improve the reliability of language models
A new "consensus game," developed by MIT CSAIL researchers, elevates AI's text comprehension and generation skills. Imagine you and a friend are playing a game where your goal is to communicate secret messages to each other using only cryptic sentences. Your friend's job is to guess the secret message behind your sentences.

Environment - Astronomy / Space - 14.05.2024
UW-led project to study ozone, atmospheric layers a finalist for next-generation NASA satellite
A project led by the University of Washington to better understand our atmosphere's complexity is a finalist for NASA's next generation of Earth-observing satellites.

Astronomy / Space - 14.05.2024
Universe's oldest stars in our own galactic backyard
Universe’s oldest stars in our own galactic backyard
Three stars circling the Milky Way's halo formed 12 to 13 billion years ago. MIT researchers, including several undergraduate students, have discovered three of the oldest stars in the universe, and they happen to live in our own galactic neighborhood. The team spotted the stars in the Milky Way's "halo" - the cloud of stars that envelopes the entire main galactic disk.

Environment - Campus - 13.05.2024
Indigenous women celebrated at Stanford’s 53rd annual powwow

Environment - Campus - 13.05.2024
John Kerry shares his ’unfettered’ optimism on climate

Environment - Life Sciences - 13.05.2024
Angling fish for food: Recreational fishing accounts for 11 percent of reported harvest in inland fisheries worldwide
Rod and reel fishing is much more than a recreational activity: It makes an important contribution to the diet in many regions of the world.

Physics - Research Management - 13.05.2024
Physics and Chemistry: Boost for the Promotion of Doctoral Students
The University of Würzburg is proud to establish two new Research Training Groups in physics and chemistry.

Social Sciences - 13.05.2024
Response to the open letter of 9 May concerning Israel and Gaza
Response to the open letter of 9 May concerning Israel and Gaza

Environment - Economics - 13.05.2024
Experts address gaps in proposed flood insurance program
Experts address gaps in proposed flood insurance program

Campus - Social Sciences - 13.05.2024
Bridging Black: Building connections for Black flourishing

Social Sciences - Mathematics - 13.05.2024
Helping children from neighbourhoods with socio-economic disadvantages with their vocational orientation

Environment - Event - 13.05.2024
British Academy Global Professor to research food systems at Oxford Martin School

Sport - Pedagogy - 13.05.2024
More local school children join sport and education sessions at Oxford as expanded community programme returns