Warwick ranked in world’s top 20 Most International Universities

The University of Warwick has been named as one of the world’s top 20 Most International universities by the Times Higher education - ranked 19th overall and 7th in the UK.

An international approach to higher education has been at the centre of the University of Warwick since its inception. For over fifty years, Warwick in Venice has provided the opportunity to explore further teaching and research possibilities with distinctive programmes of study in History and History of Art.

In 2012 the University of Warwick and Monash University, Australia embarked on a bold and innovative project to develop an Alliance with a breadth, scale and impact beyond standard practice in the sector. The Monash Warwick Alliance today including research into gravitational waves, organic nanotube research and discovery of antibiotics and other useful natural molecules produced by microorganisms.

The University of Warwick is today furthering its international approach with Warwick in Europe, including an office in Brussels. Discussing the university’s engagement with Europe Professor Seán Hand, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Europe), said:

"To remain a world-class institution in research and education, Warwick has to carry on leading, influencing and collaborating with scholarship all around the world.

"We are an openly international community, committed to agenda-setting activity, student and staff mobility, and global perspectives. We compete and collaborate with the best in the world, and this makes us committed internationalists."

Commenting on the university being named as one of the world’s most international universities, University of Warwick Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stuart Croft, said:

"I’m delighted that the University of Warwick continues to be recognised as one of the world’s leading international universities. Since our foundation, the University of Warwick has pioneered ground-breaking international collaborations, and we are currently actively exploring opportunities for deepening and extending partnerships with other European Higher education organisations - and how that can play a significant role in our strategy to further build on and enhance our international, and intercultural, research and teaching."

"Let me take this opportunity to thank all of our staff and students for their research, teaching, study and global vision that has been key to establishing Warwick’s international reputation".