What Stanford seniors leave behind: Memories for the time capsule

Rubber duckies, photos, toys, class assignments - the seemingly mundane items Stanford seniors leave in their class time capsule hold treasured personal meaning and memories.

Following a tradition that dates to 1896, graduating seniors place treasured items and their associated memories in a time capsule buried beneath their class plaque in the arcades of the Main Quad. Evoking personal growth, memories of achievements, cultural touchstones and in-jokes among friends, things left behind by the Class of 2019 include photos, ID cards, class assignments, stickers, Unicorn Snot, notes to the future and a student’s letter to her late dad, who didn’t live to see his daughter graduate on Father’s Day.

Seniors gathered May 29 at the Alumni Center for the Senior Class Last Happy Hour, where they were able to bring items for the time capsule. The capsule will be placed under the ’19 plaque in the Main Quad on Friday, June 14, between 10 a.m. and noon.

University Photographer Linda Cicero captured images of some of the graduating seniors with the things they leave behind representing the memories they will carry always.

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