Wide variation in app usage and earnings Uber drivers

The gross earnings of drivers who drive through Uber average 32.32 per hour. These are earnings from rides, tips and promo). On average, drivers spend 25 hours a week online through the Uber app. Many times drivers also have other activities in addition to them: only 36% work out of their jobs through Uber. This and more emerges from independent research by the Research Center for Education and the Labor Market based on administrative data sourced from Uber and survey data among Uber app users: ’Uber app users, trips made, earnings and satisfaction’ by the Research Center for Education and the Labor Market (ROA) of Maastricht University.

Uber usage varies widely
"Earnings and hours online vary widely among drivers," indicates lead researcher Didier Fouarge. "The administrative data shows that over a quarter of drivers use the app less than 12 hours per week. Only 15% of drivers spend more than 38 hours a week online in the Uber app." Being online more pays off: 1 extra hour online in the week for Uber X is associated with 5% higher earnings in that week. A survey the researchers conducted of drivers shows that nearly half do other work besides offering rides through Uber. Moreover, 54% of drivers say they also use apps other than the Uber app to get customers. The number of drivers who are active and the number of rides they provide fluctuates significantly between 2016 and 2022. There is generally more activity in the summer months, when demand from tourism is high. The covid lockdowns resulted in greatly reduced activity and revenue.

44% of drivers are satisfied
The survey shows that having control over how much and when work is done are the main reasons for drivers to drive through Uber. About 9 in 10 drivers also prefer self-employment, work with flexible hours, and work with flexible income over the alternative characteristics when working as an employee. More or less 44% are (very) satisfied with their work through Uber, while about one-third of drivers are (very) dissatisfied. "How drivers have experienced the corona crisis determines driver satisfaction," Fouarge said. 63% of drivers who say they experienced little stress from the corona crisis are (very) satisfied with their work through Uber. For drivers reporting a negative impact of the corona crisis, job satisfaction is lower: of this group, about one-third are (very) satisfied with their work through Uber.