Women in Science podcast

Women in Science is a podcast series featuring interviews with inspiring researchers who are breaking barriers in their fields and making remarkable contributions to science.

The University of Queensland’s Dr Kirsty Short chats to them about the science they love and their unique journeys as scientists.

The Women in Science podcasts:

Episode 1 - Professor Neena Mitter

Professor Neena Mitter is a UQ agricultural scientist who developed Bioclay - a revolutionary environmentally sustainable alternative to chemicals and pesticides for crop protection. Listen now: https://soundcloud.com/womeninscience/professor-neena-mitter

Episode 2 - Professor Christine Beveridge

Professor Christine Beveridge is a leading plant scientist who is researching ways to future-proof crops around the world. Listen now: https://soundcloud.com/womeninscience/professor-christine-beveridge

Episode 3 - Professor Tamara Davis

Professor Tamara Davis is a UQ astrophysicist exploring the elusive dark energy that's accelerating the universe. Listen now: https://soundcloud.com/womeninscience/tamara-davis

Episode 4 - Professor Gabrielle Belz

Professor Gabrielle Belz is a UQ immunologist researching immune system resposes to viruses. Listen now: https://soundcloud.com/womeninscience/professor-gabrielle-belz

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