World Water Day - UQ experts available

University of Queensland experts are available to comment on issues relating to World Water Day on March 22. Journalists can contact the experts below or search by topic or name at .

Professor Zhiguo Yuan

Expertise: Professor Yuan is the director of the Advanced Water Management Centre. Sewer corrosion and odour management, energy neutral/positive waste water treatment, integrated urban water management.

Expertise: Sustainable management of water, including ensuring quality, quantity and security of water resources within environmental and social considerations, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in remote Indigenous communities in Australia and in the Pacific.

Expertise: water recycling, water and nutrient balances, water flow and drainage, irrigation and water resources management for agriculture.

Expertise: Professor Damien Batstone is Deputy Director (Education) of the Advanced Water Management Centre. Damien has more than 20 years’ experience in wastewater process modelling, design, and environmental biotechnology.

Dr Gibbes is an environmental engineer with more than 15 years’ experience in environmental hydrology and water resource engineering. In his current role with the University of Queensland’s School of Civil Engineering he leads the Aquatic Systems Research Group.

Expertise: Paul has an international reputation for his research work in the field of urban water systems. His current work focuses on industrial wastewater treatment and water-carbon-energy linkages in cities.

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