YUFE Academy open to all

UAntwerp and European partners kick off online lecture series on 3 November.

Twenty online lectures, accessible to all, and offered by ten different European universities: that's YUFE Academy 2020 in a nutshell. 'The Young Universities for the Future of Europe want to use this initiative to share their expertise', explains UAntwerp rector Herman Van Goethem.

The University of Antwerp joined the YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) Alliance in 2019 along with nine other universities from as many different European countries. Their aim? To build the first European university of the future, accessible to all. YUFE is working towards awarding European diplomas to its students by 2024.

'YUFE will help strengthen our collective identity and contribute to a more cohesive European society', says Rector Herman Van Goethem. The University of Antwerp is supported in this project by Antwerp city council, KMDA and the Port of Antwerp.

The future of Europe

One of the alliance's main goals is to involve European citizens in the project. 'That's why we're launching YUFE Academy 2020', Van Goethem explains. 'In November and December, the ten YUFE universities will organise two online lectures each. These twenty lectures can be watched separately, but they all share the same focus on European identity and Europe's responsibilities in a globalised world.'

The lectures reflect on European values and the roots of modern-day Europe, but they also explore the continent's future in fields like economics, education and tourism. UAntwerp's two lectures, on Europe and colonialism, will be taught by professors Heleen Touquet and Katrien Schaubroeck on 3 and 4 December.

Everyone can participate

Van Goethem: 'We want to raise awareness of this great initiative among both students and staff, but ultimately our aim is even wider. We want to involve alumni and the general public in this project as well. Everyone can participate and ask questions during these lectures.'

The first lecture will take place on Tuesday 3 November. Participation is free of charge. Registration is obligatory.

Link: https://yufe.eu/what-we-do/#YUFEAcademy