EMPA, materials science and technology research institution

EMPA, materials science and technology research institution
Dübendorf, Thun, St.Gallen
EMPA, materials science and technology research institution  
Location: Dübendorf, Thun, St.Gallen

Empa is a materials science and technology research institution. It belongs to the ETH domain and as such is an important element in education, science and innovation in Switzerland. It specializes in applications, focused research and development, and provides high-level services in the field of sustainable materials science and technology. Its core tasks are innovative collaboration with industry and public institutions, ensuring the safety of people and the environment, knowledge propagation and university-level teaching.

Health - May 16
In a unique experimental setup, Swiss researchers have investigated the effect of exhaust particles from aircraft turbine engines on human lung cells. The cells reacted most strongly to particles emitted during ground idling. The study also showed that the cytotoxic effect is only to some extent comparable to that of particles from gasoline and diesel engines.
Environment - May 13

Sea birds dying in agony with a belly full of plastic garbage; plastic accumulations as big as islands: Virtually everyone has seen pictures like these today.

Astronomy - May 6

In cooperation with Empa, the Austrian Space Forum (ÖFW) is developing the "Serenity" space suit - a prototype for a Mars suit.

Innovation - Apr 17

In such a highly competitive environment as scientific research, it is a good idea to ask yourself on a regular basis just how well you fare by international comparison.

Materials Science - Apr 15

The new head of Empa's Cellulose & Wood Materials lab, Gustav Nyström, has taken everyone by surprise by setting unconventional goals. However, paper batteries and nanocellulose sensors have one main objective: to help solve fundamental, socially relevant questions.

Materials Science - Apr 15

Can you cool with waste heat? Sure. A Swiss research project involving Empa, which ended in November, demonstrated this in an impressive way. Now a large-scale EU project is starting: industrial cooling - thanks to the Spanish sun.

Materials Science - May 9
Materials Science

In the planned project "Re-FREAM" designers develop new and innovative fashion concepts in cooperation with researchers from all over Europe and completely rethink processes, traditions, production methods as well as design and functionality of clothing.

Physics - May 2

Even if concrete is not flammable, it can be hazardous in tunnel fires: high-performance concrete can explode at high temperatures.

Materials Science - Apr 15

Empa CEO Gian-Luca Bona on the opportunities and risks of digitalization - and the question as to how a materials research institute needs to gear itself up for this future. Which IT project at Empa do you find the most fascinating?

Materials Science - Apr 15

Solar systems on the roofs of residential buildings often produce energy precisely when the tenants can't actually use it. Stationary batteries enable this energy to be utilized in the evening, at night or on a rainy day.

Materials Science - Apr 11

Jean-Marc Wunderli will be in charge of the "Acoustics/ Noise Control" lab at Empa in Dübendorf. He succeeds Kurt Eggenschwiler. From 1 June 2019, Jean-Marc Wunderli will take over as head of Empa's "Acoustics / Noise Control" lab in Dübendorf.

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