PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute

PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute

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Physics Sep 20
The interior of fossils and artefacts that are hundreds, thousands and yes, sometimes millions of years old can be examined at two PSI research facilities. A conversation with Federica Marone and Eberhard Lehmann, who are opening a new view into the past with their methods.
Physics Sep 14

For Aldo Antognini, physics and conviviality are in the blood - PSI researcher Aldo Antognini has received more than 2.2 million Swiss francs from the EU for his latest experiment.

Life Sciences Aug 17
Life Sciences

Because of their high nitrogen content, spent coffee grounds are a popular garden fertilizer. Recycled in this manner, they already contribute to an environmentally friendly waste management.

Physics Jul 20

First-time 3D imaging of internal magnetic patterns - Magnets are found in motors, in energy production and in data storage.

Physics Jul 7

Research experience from California's X-ray free-electron laser benefits SwissFEL - It's the camera that allows researchers to make extremely rapid processes visible: the X-ray free-electron laser.

Physics Aug 23

An interview with Helena Van Swygenhoven-Moens - Using the large research facilities at PSI, Helena Van Swygenhoven-Moens examines the inner workings of metals.

Medicine Aug 3

Radiation therapy using protons is a success story at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI. For several decades now, doctors have been administering a gentle form of radiation treatment to patients with ocular tumours or those located deep inside the body.

Chemistry Jul 17

Field trials show that new catalyst material for electrolysers is reliable - Efficient storage technologies are necessary if solar and wind energy is to help satisfy increased energy demands.

Physics Jul 7

Two scientists who have studied superconductivity and magnetic molecular switching at the Californian X-ray laser LCLS have relocated to PSI.

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