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Computer Science Oct 20
Through reimagining engineering and computing, we want to attract a diverse cohort of leaders who bring varied backgrounds, areas of expertise and aspirations to tackle some of the biggest challenges of our age.
Environment Oct 18

If we don't act immediately, the expected mortality rates in unprotected nest boxes could erase the gains we made last year when swift parrots nested on a predator free island.

Business Oct 16

It's clear Australian aid is serving our national interests through growing economies in our neighbourhood, which then provides benefits to Australian exporters.

Chemistry Oct 11

A new science program for people with intellectual disabilities has found the program has delivered great educational, social and economic benefits to students.

Administration Oct 10

A report led by an Australian National University (ANU) researcher into police racial profiling has been submitted to the Federal Government's Law Reform Commission Inquiry into the over-representation of Indigenous Australians in prison.

Astronomy Oct 16

This discovery of neutron stars colliding is just the beginning. We want to one day look back to the beginning of time - just after the Big Bang, which we can't do with light.

Media Oct 13

When ISIS claim an inspired attack they are often themselves unsure if there is a link, chances are on this occasion they have just taken a punt that it might be the case.

Medicine Oct 10

We have seen significant declines in smoking among Indigenous Australian adults over the past two decades that will bring major health benefits over time.

Environment Oct 3

Major Australian cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne, may experience unprecedented temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius under 2 degrees of global warming.

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