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Astronomy Dec 13
The map of the southern sky we've released to the world today is the best ever created, but this is only the beginning of a five-year program to capture it in all its splendour. Astronomers at ANU have created the most comprehensive map of the southern sky that can be viewed online by anyone around the world.
Environment Dec 13

The work that our engineers are doing in renewable energy is truly outstanding, and the funding from ARENA will help them to continue their excellent research.

Pedagogy Dec 12

ANU has given a new commitment to improving breastfeeding facilities around campus. The commitment comes after a new report to the University from the Supporting Breastfeeding at ANU Working Group in support of breastfeeding at ANU.

Medicine Dec 6

The NHMRC funding demonstrates how internationally renowned research at ANU was assisting people nationally and across the globe The Australian National University (ANU) has won $12.8 million in the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding.

Careers Dec 5

Researchers have developed machine learning to scan tens of thousands of job ads and found a large hidden job market for PhD graduates.

Social Sciences Dec 13

ANU is currently negotiating with the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation to develop a new program in Western Civilisation to add to the University's suite of undergraduate programs that includ

Physics Dec 11

An international study on glass led by ANU and the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris in France could lead to the development of shatter-proof mobile phone screens.

Medicine Dec 6

When parents struggle to juggle family and work responsibilities, they become tired, stressed, cranky and unhappy, which has an impact on family relationships and their children's wellbeing.

Media Dec 4

Kwaussie:  a person who is a dual citizen of Australia and New Zealand; a New Zealander living in Australia; a person of Australian and New Zealand descent.

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