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Astronomy - Jan 24
Astronomers have found a 'vampire' star in the midst of a feeding frenzy, with the help of an automated program that is sifting through archived data from the decommissioned Kepler Space Telescope. The new program acts like a detective to find clues of very fast, mysterious explosions in the Universe.
Innovation - Jan 22

The Australian National University's Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell has been named the world's inaugural Engelbart Distinguished Fellow by SRI International for her trailblazing work on technology, artificial intelligence and culture.

Life Sciences - Jan 15

Australia's current bushfire crisis could wipe out some of our rarer insect species, according to a group of experts. Associate Professor Michael Braby from The Australian National University (ANU) says the bushfires will have a huge impact on our native insects, as well as the plants and animals that rely on them.

Social Sciences - Jan 7

Experts from The Australian National University (ANU) have developed a freely-accessible Community Trauma Toolkit , which contains a suite of resources to help support adults and children before, during, and after the bushfires.

Social Sciences - Jan 6

Due to the hazardous smoke conditions across the ACT and surrounds, intermittent power outages, and ongoing threat of fire, we have decided to continue to keep the Acton, Mt Stromlo and Kioloa campuses closed to all but essential staff and those staying in residences.

Health - Dec 23, 2019

Summer is a 'danger period' for food poisoning in Australia, but there are simple steps we can take to reduce the risk, say researchers at ANU. Hot weather promotes the growth of foodborne bacteria, so it's important to avoid leaving food out in the heat for extended periods, particularly meat.

Life Sciences - Jan 15
Life Sciences

As Australia's weather heats up, it could have serious consequences for some of our country's most iconic animals, according to new research from The Australian National University (ANU).

Social Sciences - Jan 8

Dear colleagues, To those of you on campus today, welcome back.

Astronomy - Jan 6

The detection of two neutron stars colliding in space about five billion trillion kilometres away has left an international team of scientists scratching their heads.

Health - Jan 5

For the second time this week, Canberra is the world's worst city for air pollution as it is blanketed by smoke and hazardouns haze from the ongoing bushfire crisis. Here's six ways you can deal with and protect yourself from bushfire smoke as recommned by ANU professor Sotiris Vardoulakis - one of the world's leading experts on air quality and health. 1.

Music - Dec 20, 2019

An ANU researcher has combined the power of music and computer science, to create an instrument to spread Christmas joy throughout the Canberra community.

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