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Administration - Jan 22
The Threatened Species Recovery Hub has rejected reports by the Courier-Mail media outlet that the Hub is an anti-coal activist group and is involved in a review of Adani coal mine environmental plans.
Health - Jan 21

Women who are depressed before conception are more likely to have children with poor psychosocial outcomes, University of Queensland researchers have found. UQ School of Public Health researcher Dr Katrina Moss said preconception depression was the first link in a chain of risk.

Careers - Jan 16

More than 10,000 Australian undergraduate students have received offers to study at The University of Queensland in 2019, with strong demand continuing for health courses. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Joanne Wright congratulated students who received offers in today's QTAC round.

Microtechnics - Jan 16

Walking robots could soon assist in search and rescue missions or deliver your groceries now that a new system has been developed to bring a more affordable option to the market.

Pharmacology - Jan 15

Vampire bats could hold the key to new treatments for a range of serious medical problems, but researchers have hit a snag accessing the specimens needed to advance their work. An international team led by The University of Queensland has found a new class of blood pressure-regulating peptides in the venom of the common vampire bat ( Diphylla ecaudata ).

Careers - Jan 15

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates from across Australia have the chance to join a paid University of Queensland program designed to help realise their career goals. Applications for UQ's first Vice-Chancellor's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Graduate Program intake close on 28 January.

Business - Jan 21

Researchers have taken strides in understanding how human feet evolved to enhance walking and running, setting us apart from species such as chimpanzees. Findings from The University of Queensland and University of Exeter study could be used to improve exercises for foot-related injuries, understanding of conditions such as flat feet, and the design of footwear.

Environment - Jan 16

A natural weed control that will help manage one of Australia's most invasive introduced weeds has become the first woody weed bioherbicide to be granted federal regulatory approval - following an eight-year wait.

Health - Jan 16

Vaccines to stop the world's next epidemic could be developed in record time under a $14.7 million partnership using technology developed at The University of Queensland.

Innovation - Jan 15

A new and extremely sensitive method of measuring ultrasound could revolutionise everything from medical devices to unmanned vehicles. Researchers at The University of Queensland have combined modern nanofabrication* and nanophotonics* techniques to build the ultraprecise ultrasound sensors on a silicon chip.

Health - Jan 8

People struggling with their weight are being offered training to reduce self-criticism and shame they feel about their bodies. University of Queensland researchers are conducting a 12-week program in compassion-focused therapy.

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