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Environment - Sep 20
World leaders need to urgently accelerate efforts to prevent “profound, if not catastrophic” climate change in future, a distinguished group of scientists has warned. According to their new study published in Science today, acting to reduce climate change would cost much less than repairing the damage it would inflict in coming decades on people, infrastructure and ecosystems.
Life Sciences - Sep 20
Life Sciences

UQ researchers have discovered a potential drug target for Alzheimer's disease — an enzyme which has effects on both the immune and nervous systems.

Environment - Sep 19

The global conservation community has been urged to adopt a specific target to protect the world's remaining wilderness areas to prevent large scale loss of at-risk species. A University of Queensland and CSIRO study has found that wilderness areas - where human impact is minimal or absent - halves the global risk of species extinction.

Event - Sep 18

The University of Queensland has shined a spotlight on its outstanding researchers at the 2019 Research Week Awards.

Physics - Sep 17

Nanoscale microscopy, a tool relied on by scientists tackling tough health challenges, will be more accessible and affordable, thanks to a team of university researchers. The University of Queensland's Dr Martin Ploschner said super-resolution microscopy allowed users to observe breathtaking details of nanoscale structures, but for many labs, it was a costly addition to their usual microscopes.

Social Sciences - Sep 17

People of a higher social class have a greater desire for wealth and status, a University of Queensland study has found. Researchers from UQ's School of Psychology are investigating who is more likely to desire wealth and status; those who are well-off, or those who are not.

Administration - Sep 20

University of Queensland chemical engineers have developed a new method to analyse the physical characteristics of potato chips in a bid to develop a tastier low-fat snack.

Computer Science - Sep 19

The ability to determine what's real and what's fake online could soon become a little easier thanks to artificial intelligence systems and research developed at The University of Queensland. Data scientist Associate Professor Dr Gianluca Demartini said the aim of the project was to establish an online safety benchmark for the identification of fake news.

Civil Engineering - Sep 18

A University of Queensland professor has been ranked among the best civil engineers in the world for his outstanding research. Professor Chien Ming Wang ranked 14th globally in the latest Stanford University Worldwide Survey, which analysed data for six million scientists in 22 fields and 176 sub-fields.

Pedagogy - Sep 17

Parents will be pleased to know that more is not always better when it comes to play equipment for their children. A study by researchers at The University of Queensland found children who have access to fixed play equipment like swings and slides and fewer electronic devices were more likely to meet national physical activity guidelines.

Environment - Sep 17

A University of Queensland-led study has revealed that future demand for ethanol biofuel could potentially expand sugarcane farming land in Brazil by five million hectares by 2030. UQ School of Earth and Environmental Sciences researcher Milton Aurelio Uba de Andrade Junior said that because Brazil produced ethanol from sugarcane, future biofuel demand would directly impact land use.

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