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Social Sciences - Sep 18
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who use the drug “ice? are being urged to trial a new web-app as part of a public health project designed to stop methamphetamine consumption. The We Can Do This app was developed by University of Queensland and South Australian medical researchers, with input from Aboriginal people who have previously used ice.
Social Sciences - Sep 18

A study is under way to investigate how ‘smart' devices may be helping to facilitate domestic abuse in Australia and the United Kingdom. A team from The University of Queensland , Queensland University of Technology and University College London is examining how domestic and sexual violence survivors are being impacted by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which enables everyday devices to collect, send and receive data.

Campus - Sep 17

There's much more to engineering than hard hats and building bridges, so The University of Queensland's new podcast seeks to answer the question, But Seriously, What is Engineering? The 12-part podcast series explores all corners of engineering, from underground mines to under the microscope.

Campus - Sep 17

University of Queensland PhD candidate Emma Schimke had a dream ending to her Three Minute Thesis (3MT) presentation after being named the winner of UQ's first ever virtual 3MT competition.

Health - Sep 17

Tissue engineering experts say future biomaterials will need to mimic the human body's “stretch and squidge? properties.

Life Sciences - Sep 10
Life Sciences

The supply of smashed ‘avo' is secure for generations after world-first research cryopreserved the tips of avocado shoots and then revived them to create healthy plants.

Life Sciences - Sep 17
Life Sciences

The secret of how fibre shapes the structure of plant cell walls has been revealed, with potentially wide-ranging applications ranging from nutrition and health to agriculture.

Life Sciences - Sep 17

The painful toxins wielded by a giant Australian stinging tree are surprisingly similar to the toxins found in spiders and cone snails, University of Queensland researchers have found. The Gympie-Gympie stinging tree is one of the world's most venomous plants and causes extreme long-lasting pain.

Psychology - Sep 17

Children who experience neglect are seven times more likely than other abuse victims to have a teen pregnancy say University of Queensland researchers. A study of the long-term impact of child abuse and neglect found that neglect was one of the most severe types of maltreatment when compared to emotional, sexual and physical abuse.

Environment - Sep 14

Ongoing land clearing for agriculture, mining and urbanisation is isolating and disconnecting Earth's protected natural areas from each other, a new study shows.

Administration - Sep 10

University of Queensland psychology experts will work with police to develop and upgrade training programs for police investigating child abuse.

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