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Palaeontology - May 17
A 24-tonne dinosaur may have walked in a ‘high-heeled' fashion, according to University of Queensland research. UQ PhD candidate Andréas Jannel and colleagues from UQ's Dinosaur Lab analysed fossils of Australia's only named Jurassic sauropod, Rhoetosaurus brownei, to better understand how such an enormous creature could support its own body weight.
Physics - May 17

The Mona Lisa, Van Gogh's Starry Night and dozens of other images have been recreated on a quantum ‘canvas' the width of a human hair, thanks to University of Queensland physicists.

Sport Sciences - May 15
Sport Sciences

Australian and Queensland athletes will contest the 35 th edition of The University of Queensland's Great Court Race on Wednesday 22 May.

Life Sciences - May 14
Life Sciences

Unravelling the secrets of the relationship between coral and the algae living inside it will help prevent coral bleaching, University of Queensland researchers believe.

Life Sciences - May 13
Life Sciences

A hormone produced by stressed plants could combat damage caused by salty soils, considerably increasing plant growth.

Life Sciences - May 10

Bee venom that can be used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and research into dementia, HIV and arthritis can now be easily and profitably harvested thanks to a University of Queensland student's invention.

Psychology - May 16

A psychology outreach clinic for high school students is the first of its kind in Australia, thanks to a partnership between The University of Queensland and Marsden State High School.

Health - May 14

3D printed models of dog skulls are helping University of Queensland vets to save animals and educate tomorrow's veterinary students.

Health - May 13

Instead of slowing down, New Zealanders appear to increase their pre-drinking after the age of 30, a University of Queensland study has found. Researchers explored the international pre-drinking habits of a convenient sample of respondents from 27 countries to determine the role of sex and age on the behaviour.

Environment - May 10

Fish living up to 1500 metres below the surface have developed surprisingly diverse vision that could help them determine predator from prey in the dimly-lit depths of their fish-eats-fish world.

Environment - May 9

A new national program to transform food waste into valuable products is being led by a University of Queensland researcher. Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Transform program leader and chemical engineer Dr Paul Luckman said 42 per cent of the food produced in Australia went to waste, at a cost of $20 billion a year.

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