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Social Sciences - Jun 3
Today the Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence AO wrote to the University of Sydney community, about his reflections on racism during National Reconciliation Week. Dear colleagues and students, Many of us across Australia and the world have been saddened and alarmed in recent days by the events unfolding in the United States.
Health - Jun 2

Study shows we could be facing increased risks in winter months when humidity is low. New research in Veterinary Science has found a link between COVID-19 and lower humidity.

Economics - May 29

Despite the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak, domestic and international students at the Business School are continuing to help social enterprises solve real-world business problems - some even across different time zones.   These projects a

Social Sciences - May 27
Social Sciences

To mark National Reconciliation Week, we explore the unusual, fascinating career of University of Sydney archaeologist Professor Annie Clarke.

Health - May 21

Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence said today that getting the University of Sydney back to full strength and contributing to our national economy was essential to Australia's COVID-19 recovery plans.

Social Sciences - May 20
Social Sciences

In life and death moments, clarity and purpose can be found. Kelli Owen's moment showed her that she wanted to help Aboriginal kids know their traditional language.

Health - Jun 1

A data analytics study from the University of Sydney suggests the timing of COVID-19 restrictions in Australia stopped a significant growth in infections.

Health - May 28

Rural Australians need support to 'get moving', according to researchers from the University of Sydney who have published a review finding those in rural areas are just as physically inactive as their city counterparts.

Physics - May 26

By revisiting a simple type of laser, scientists have discovered a way to exponentially increase the amount of energy released in incredibly short periods of time, with potential applications in surgery.

Health - May 20

Researchers from the University of Sydney have been awarded more than $62 million in funding for 43 new health and medical research projects to improve childhood vaccination programs, transform the treatment of osteoarthritis and utilise new technologies to regenerate damaged heart tissue.

Astronomy - May 14

An Australian-led team has solved the mystery of how some rapidly rotating young stars pulsate. Delta Scuti stars can now be studied in more detail thanks to the work of Professor Tim Bedding and colleagues.

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