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Pharmacology - Nov 11
International research has uncovered a receptor believed to be linked to negative moods, in a part of the brain that is little-understood. The discovery published in Science could lead to more targeted medications. An international team of scientists has discovered a unique receptor in the brain that is believed to regulate negative moods.
Environment - Nov 11

How might bushfires threaten animals like the koala? Is there a connection between coal and CO2? University of Sydney experts are available for comment on issues related to bushfires.

Social Sciences - Nov 7

A report led by the University of Sydney and Save the Children, launched in London, shows social media may be undermining democracy, revealing the extent to which youth are vulnerable to abuse, hate speech and fake news.

Health - Nov 6

On Sunday, air pollution in New Delhi, India reached its worst levels for the year, with authorities declaring a public health emergency and ordering the closure of schools. Experts discuss the causes of the air pollution and the significant health impacts.

Health - Nov 5

Sydney researchers find some evidence to suggest new dog owners experience a reduction in negative mood but further larger-scale trials are needed.

Event - Nov 4

Last week academics from the University of Sydney's partner institutions gathered in Sydney for an annual summit that brings together our priority partners from around the world.

Environment - Nov 8

Every sea lion pup in Australia contracts hookworm. Veterinary scientist Rachael Gray and her team are conducting a trial at Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island, with a topical treatment that could help the endangered species' population recover.

Agronomy - Nov 7

Popular commercial meal kit subscription services assessed for nutritional quality were found to provide adequate serves of core foods such as vegetables - but there was room to improve to meet dietary guidelines.

Environment - Nov 6

A paper published in BioScience has outlined six steps humanity needs to take to reduce the impact of the emerging climate crisis. Dr Thomas Newsome, a co-author of the paper, says scientists have a moral obligation to warn of any great threat.

Social Sciences - Nov 5
Social Sciences

Deadly Science founder and University Research Assistant Corey Tutt has been named the 2020 NSW Young Australian of the Year.

Social Sciences - Nov 4

Sydney researchers detail a youth mental health model - the result of years of work from the Brain and Mind Centre - based on their findings that the common 'stepped care' approach may be too little, too late.

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