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Social Sciences - Oct 14
Sydney humanities and social science researchers have been awarded more than $1.3m to examine a range of topics, including democracy in the bush, home ownership and what we can learn from history about free university education.
Environment - Oct 13

An idea to enhance natural carbon capture from olivine weathering has never been tested at scale. University of Sydney geoscientists have proposed the Tweed Valley as a laboratory and gained some interesting initial results.

Linguistics - Oct 12

A copy of Ben Jonson's Folio (1616) and a complete set of the works of William Faulkner in first editions have been given to the University of Sydney by two separate donors.

Campus - Oct 12

Ava Khan and Adhip Tanwar both have ideas that could change the lives of millions of Indians living in poverty.

Event - Oct 7

For First Nations cultures of Australia, we are a collective of hundreds of countries, rich with connection to the earth. A new installation explores this understanding - a distinct approach that aims for meaningful cultural and knowledge exchange.

Life Sciences - Oct 7
Life Sciences

The Australian sea lion is one of the rarest sea lion species in the world, and though they are protected and mostly live in isolated locations, their numbers are falling.

Health - Oct 13

A study looking at online food delivery options in Sydney and Auckland has found majority of the most popular menu items categorised as 'unhealthy'. A review on data from an online food delivery service has found the majority of popular food outlets and menu items advertised are classified as 'unhealthy' under independent guidelines.

Astronomy - Oct 12

Wolf-Rayet stars are one in a hundred million in our Galaxy. When paired in a binary system they can make among the most stunning ribbon structures known to astronomy.

Health - Oct 8

The University of Sydney will lead three new national medical research centres in coronary artery disease, prevention of fall-related injuries and multiple morbidities. The Minister for Health, the Hon.

Health - Oct 7

The key to dealing with misinformation is to refocus research and attention to communities, not bots, writes Associate Professor Adam Dunn. Discussion of online misinformation in politics and public health often focuses on the role of bots, organised disinformation campaigns and "fake news".

Health - Oct 6

With alternatives to residential aged care in high demand, a new program focused on supporting people with dementia and their carers to live well at home is showing significant societal and economic benefits in Australia.

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