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Physics Mar 19
Combining two ultra-thin material layers yields new possibilities for quantum electronics. A research team with members from TU Wien presents strongly tunable quantum systems. Two novel materials, each composed of a single atomic layer and the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope - these are the ingredients to create a novel kind of a so-called "quantum dot".
Computer Science Mar 12
Computer Science

Graphics processing units (GPUs) are used for many computationally intensive tasks. Their aging process can be slowed by clever management, as TU Wien (Vienna) and University of California (Irvine) have now shown.

Physics Mar 6

How do you combine different elements in a crystal? At TU Wien, a method has now been developed for incorporating previously unattainably high proportions of foreign atoms into crystals.

Astronomy Mar 5

The Space Team at TU Wien is launching an ambitious project together with the University of Würzburg.

Physics Feb 26

Scientists from TU Wien (Vienna, Austria) and the USA have provided proof for a new state of matter: an electron orbits a nucleus at a great distance, while many other atoms are bound inside the orbit.

Event Mar 7

Become Part of Europe's Festival of Ideas! Every year, 700 students from about 80 nationalities participate as scholarship holders in the European Forum Alpbach.

Astronomy Mar 5

The Space Team at TU Wien is launching an ambitious project together with the University of Würzburg.

Innovation Mar 2

The Founder & Investor Talk Series of the Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) enters the next round: Over the past six years, the number of participants was growing steadily and now the talks fill rooms with 200 seats.

Business Feb 21

Project management develops and ensures the ability to take fast and flexible actions. Due to ongoing dynamic changes and shifting challenges in organizations, this competence becomes increasingly important and represents a clear competitive advantage.

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