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Physics - Nov 18
Atoms, molecules or even living cells can be manipulated with light beams. At TU Wien a method was developed to revolutionize such "optical tweezers". They are reminiscent of the "tractor beam" in Star Trek: special light beams can be used to manipulate molecules or small biological particles. Even viruses or cells can be captured or moved.
Physics - Nov 14

A new type of material generates electrical current very efficiently from temperature differences.

Physics - Oct 16

Researchers at TU Wien have developed a new type of sensing element for atomic force microscopy, which enables a high measurement speed and can even image sensitive processes in living cells.

Physics - Oct 2

Is it possible to borrow energy from an empty space? And if yes, do we have to give it back? Energy values smaller than zero are allowed - at least within certain limits.

Event - Sep 26

The award aims to support the mobility of young scientists.

Computer Science - Apr 1
Computer Science

Want to boost your computer simulations by writing parallel code that runs efficiently on modern compute clusters' Join in for our courses in English and learn about parallel programming for high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

Materials Science - Oct 21
Materials Science

With a new process developed at TU Wien (Vienna), living cells can be integrated into fine structures created in a 3D printer - extremely fast and with very high resolution.

Physics - Oct 15

A very special kind of light is emitted by tungsten diselenide layers. The reason for this has been unclear.

Physics - Oct 1

A new measurement protocol, developed at TU Wien (Vienna), makes it possible to measure the quantum phase of electrons - an important step for attosecond physics.

Computer Science - Apr 11

Heute Donnerstag, 11.4. wird die neue Website der TU Wien im Lauf des Vormittags live geschalten. Das Fenster der Welt in die TU Wien zeigt sich nach Relaunch mit neuer Struktur und neuem Look.

Physics - Mar 5

The concept of the laser can be reversed: the perfect light source then becomes the perfect light absorber.

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