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Astronomy Jun 12
Electrically charged particles from the sun strike moons and planets with great force. The consequences of these impacts can now be explained by scientists from TU Wien. The planets and moons of our solar system are continuously being bombarded by particles hurled away from the sun.
Mechanical Engineering Jun 4
Mechanical Engineering

A special formula for epoxy resins has been developed at TU Wien, which can be used for fibre-reinforced composites in aerospace, shipbuilding and automotive manufacturing, or even for underwater renovation.

Architecture May 25

Whether in the sphere of architecture critique or on the market of speculative real estate investment, architecture is increasingly becoming the subject of global circulation.

Physics May 8

Experiments with ultra-cold atoms at the TU Wien have shown surprising results: coupled atom clouds synchronize within milliseconds.

Physics Apr 9

To produce images of individual atoms, a microscope shouldn't shake. A patented vibration damping system developed at the TU Wien enables images of the highest quality.

Physics May 29

How can quantum information be transferred from one atom to another? A team of researchers from TU Wien and Harvard University has proposed using phonons - the quanta of sound.

Chemistry May 15

In chemistry, atoms can usually only affect their immediate neighborhood. At TU Vienna, a novel effect with astonishing long-range action has been discovered, which can make automotive catalytic converters more effective.

Medicine Apr 17

What happens when T cells detect suspicious activity in the body? Researchers from the TU Wien and the Medical University of Vienna have revealed that immune receptors of T cells operate in unsuspected ways.

Chemistry Mar 26

TU Wien and Sandoz GmbH have successfully implemented a real-time computer simulation of the complex growth behaviour of penicillin producing organisms.

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