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Physics - Sep 19
With the help of sophisticated experiments and calculations by the Vienna University of Technology, it has now become possible to measure the duration of the famous photoelectric effect. It was one of the crucial experiments in quantum physics: when light falls on certain materials, electrons are released from the surface.
Computer Science - Sep 10
Computer Science

String art is a technique for the creation of visual artwork where images emerge from a set of strings that are spanned between pins.

Psychology - Aug 31

A public colloquium dealing with the discipline of Machine Behavior: the scientific study of behavior exhibited by intelligent machines.

Physics - Aug 28

Atomically thin crystals will play an ever greater role in future - but how can their crystallisation process be controlled? A new method is now opening up new possibilities.

Media - Aug 21

Authentication on certain websites via Facebook or Google accounts can be risky, but use of a browser extension from TU Wien eliminates the problem.

Physics - Sep 4

Under certain conditions, an atom can cause other atoms to emit a flash of light. At TU Wien (Vienna), this quantum effect has now been measured.

Astronomy - Aug 31

The International Astronomical Union has agreed on a new reference frame for directions in space. TU Wien played an important role in developing this new frame.

Chemistry - Aug 24

What effect does water have on ultra-clean surfaces' Using a novel method, researchers at TU Wien and Cornell University have succeeded in demonstrating that smallest impurities can have a surprising effect.

Medicine - Aug 13

In order to better understand important biological membranes, it is necessary to explore new methods.

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