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Physics - Dec 11
[ Florian Aigner - "Frequency combs" are optimally suited for chemical sensors. A revolutionary technology developed at TU Wien (Vienna) now produces these laser frequencies in a much easier and more robust way. Most lasers have only one color. All the photons it emits have exactly the same wavelength.
Innovation - Dec 10

TU Wien have appointed a Vice Rector for Digitalization and Infrastructure from 01/01/2019 to aid in implementing its digitalization strategy in research, teaching and administration.

Life Sciences - Dec 3

TUW is going to offer its employees a comprehensive further training program again next year - registrations are possible from today, 3rd of december 2018.

Art and Design - Nov 14
Art and Design

On the initiative of Prof. Kurt Matyas, vice rector for academic affairs, New York-based artist and professor Benj Gerdes (Long Island University - LIU) will be in residence as a United States Fulbright Scholar from 9 November until 20 December at TU Wien.

Physics - Nov 12

A new Christian Doppler Laboratory at TU Wien is expected to contribute to the next storage revolution within IT.

Physics - Nov 8

When quantum particles swirl about, they still obey universal laws. Different quantum systems can show the same behaviour - this has been demonstrated by two different experiments at TU Wien and Heidelberg University.

Sport Sciences - Dec 4
Sport Sciences

Joint successes in the past increase the chances of winning. This has now been statistically proven in a variety of different team sports.

Life Sciences - Nov 19
Life Sciences

Advances in cellular microscopy: at TU Wien (Vienna), flies were made transparent, so that individual nerve cells, marked with fluorescent molecules, can be examined directly in the animal.

Business - Nov 13

Although many TUW alumni were already among the speakers since 2012, the ic now offers an additional stage for their success stories.

Life Sciences - Nov 12
Life Sciences

Biochips have been developed at TU Wien (Vienna), on which tissue can be produced and examined. This allows supplying the tissue with different substances in a very controlled way.

Computer Science - Nov 6
Computer Science

"The system is failing," Tim Berners-Lee and Tim Cook testify to the Internet, pointing to worrying developments such as the weakening of net neutrality, the emergence of fake news and an omnipresent surveillance.

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