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Physics Apr 16
In the journal Physical Review Letters, Gerhard Kirchmair's and Oriol Romero-Isart's research team has presented a new proposal for the coupling between a micro-mechanic oscillator and a superconducting quantum circuit.
Physics Jan 15

A quantum network requires efficient interfaces over which information can be transferred from matter to light and back.

Physics Sep 19

In Innsbruck a team of physicists led by Francesca Ferlaino experimentally observed how the anisotropic properties of particles deform the Fermi surface in a quantum gas.

Physics Aug 14

The importance of artificial intelligence has been increasing in many areas. A team of researchers led by Hans Briegel has now shown that quantum physics may help AI agents to speed up decision making processes that are based on previous experience.

Physics Jun 26

A group of physicists has developed a new technology to transfer magnetic fields to arbitrary long distances, which is comparable to transmitting and routing light in optical fibers.

Computer Science Sep 25

The integration of digital expert knowledge and automation of risk analyses can greatly improve software test procedures and make cloud computing more secure.

Environment Aug 18

By combining climate and glacier models, scientists headed by Ben Marzeion from the University of Innsbruck have found unambiguous evidence for anthropogenic glacier mass loss in recent decades.

Physics Jul 10

Quasiparticles can be used to explain physical phenomena in solid bodies even though they are not actual physical particles.

Physics Jun 16

The quantum tunnel effect manifests itself in a multitude of well-known phenomena.

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