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Chemistry - Aug 16
Chemists from the University of Vienna finally find a surprisingly simple reaction to make a family of bioactive molecules Many natural products and drugs feature a so-called dicarbonyl motif - in certain cases however their preparation poses a challange to organic chemists. In their most recent work, Nuno Maulide and his coworkers from the University of Vienna present a new route for these molecules.
Physics - Jul 9

All matter is composed of atoms, which are too small to see without powerful modern instruments including electron microscopes.

Social Sciences - Jun 15
Social Sciences

When are primary school children willing to share valuable resources with others and when are they not? A team of researchers from the University of Vienna lead by cognitive biologist Lisa Horn investigated this question in a controlled behavioural experiment.

Medicine - May 24

Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) give rise to blood and immune cells of the body, and are therefore essential for our survival.

Psychology - Apr 12

It has been suggested that sexually objectified women or men are visually processed in the same fashion of an object.

Life Sciences - Jun 19
Life Sciences

What stops a species adapting to an ever-wider range of conditions, continuously expanding its geographic range? The biomathematician Jitka Polechová, an Elise Richter Fellow at the University of Vienna, has published a paper in PLoS Biology which explains the formation of species' range margins.

Physics - Jun 14

Magnetic sensors play a key role in a variety of applications, such as speed and position sensing in the automotive industry or in biomedical applications.

Life Sciences - May 22
Life Sciences

During embryonic development genetic cascades control gene activity and cell differentiation.

Physics - Mar 28

Researchers at the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences develop a new theoretical framework to describe how causal structures in quantum mechanics transform.

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