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Health - May 14
Researchers discover new factor influencing the spread of Legionella When people fall ill from bacterial infection, the first priority is to treat the disease. But where do these pathogens come from and how do they thrive in the environment before the infection occurs' An international team led by Matthias Horn from the Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science at the University of Vienna has tackled this question using an important bacterial pathogen that causes lung disease.
Physics - May 6

A novel material that consists of a single sheet of carbon atoms could lead to new designs for optical quantum computers.

Life Sciences - Apr 1
Life Sciences

Birds-of-paradise are a group of songbird species, and are known for their magnificent male plumage and bewildering sexual display.

Pharmacology - Mar 4

Chemists in Vienna find a method to replace hydrogen with fluorine in organic molecules The development and improvement of pharmaceuticals plays the central role in the ongoing battle against human disease.

Life Sciences - Feb 28
Life Sciences

With the establishment of the new Centre on March 1, 2019, the University of Vienna will grow from 19 to 20 Faculties and Centres.

Computer Science - Feb 8
Computer Science

CS-AWARE, an EU H2020 funded project focusing on cyber-security situational awareness, has just launched an open source STIX 2.0 specification implementation in Gson/Java.

Astronomy - Apr 24

Researchers show young stars rapidly destroy Earth-like Nitrogen dominated atmospheres The discoveries of thousands of planets orbiting stars outside our solar system has made questions about the potential for life to form on these planets fundamentally important in modern science.

Physics - Mar 29

When a particle is completely isolated from its environment, the laws of quantum physics start to play a crucial role.

Physics - Mar 1

BeyondC research project with partners from Austria and Germany starts in March The recently granted collaboration project "Quantum Information Systems Beyond Classical Capabilities (BeyondC)" coor

Life Sciences - Feb 12
Life Sciences

Orangutans make complex economic decisions about tool use depending on the current 'market' situation Flexible tool use is closely associated to higher mental processes such as the ability to plan actions.

Physics - Feb 1

Researchers determine the performance of multi-dimensional bits Quantum computers are more powerful than classical computers since they work with coherent "quantum bits" instead of ordinary zeroes and ones.

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