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Life Sciences - Jul 11
Life Sciences
Mitosis is the process by which the genetic information encoded on chromosomes is equally distributed to two daughter cells, a fundamental feature of all life on earth. Scientists led by Alexander Dammermann at the Max Perutz Labs, a joint venture of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna, now examine how centrioles contribute to this process.
Life Sciences - Jul 9
Life Sciences

Metallophilic microorganisms could benefit from the heavy metal in harsh survival conditions A boiling point of 5900 degrees Celsius and diamond-like hardness in combination with carbon: tungsten is the heaviest metal, yet has biological functions - especially in heat-loving microorganisms.

Physics - Jul 8

Online simulation game makes graphene research available to the public The team of Toma Susi at the University of Vienna uses a state-of-the-art electron microscope, the UltraSTEM, to manipulate strongly bound materials with atomic precision.

Physics - Jun 25

Effective atomic interactions in complex materials picked up by on-the-fly machine-learning At the atomic scale materials can show a rich palette of dynamic behaviour, which directly affects the physical properties of these materials.

Pharmacology - Jun 21

The young spin-off "P4 Therapeutics" was awarded with the "Der Brutkasten Media Award" An interdisciplinary team of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna has developed a new platinum compound with great potential as anticancer drug.

Health - Jun 18

Antidepressant treatment, not only depression per se, can lead to reductions in behavioral and neural responses to pain empathy Depression is a disorder that often comes along with strong impairments of social functioning.

Physics - Jul 9

Researchers of the Academy explore the consequences of locality for measurements distributed in spacetime.

Health - Jul 4

The unique tooth structure of the great white shark gives new insights into its origin Mackerel sharks (Lamniformes) are a group consisting of some of the most iconic sharks we know, including the

Physics - Jun 25

Physicists of the University of Vienna publish findings on the phase transitions of hybrid perovskites that have the potential to serve as novel solar cell materials At the atomic scale materials c

Physics - Jun 21

Physicists develop new method to prove quantum entanglement One of the essential features required for the realization of a quantum computer is quantum entanglement.

Psychology - Jun 13

New neuroscience research suggests support-dependent modulation of responses to social exclusion Social support can change the way we perceive an unpleasant situation, but some types of support seem more effective than others.

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