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Astronomy Oct 17
Scientists around Tetyana Milojevic from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Vienna are in search of unique biosignatures, which are left on synthetic extraterrestrial minerals by microbial activity.
Life Sciences Oct 16
Life Sciences

Women born by Caesarean section due to a fetopelvic disproportion (FDP) are more than twice as likely to develop FDP when giving birth than women born naturally.

Life Sciences Oct 9
Life Sciences

Targeted changes of genomes from simple and complex organisms have become considerably more accurate, simpler, faster and thus also cheaper through CRISPR/Cas methods.

Chemistry Sep 26

Researchers at the Universities of Vienna and Göttingen have succeeded in developing a method for predicting molecular infrared spectra based on artificial intelligence.

Arts and Design Sep 13
Arts and Design

Women rate photographs of male faces as more attractive and are more likely to date the men pictured when they have previously heard music.

Life Sciences Oct 10
Life Sciences

Even though science is becoming increasingly competitive, scientists are still very willing to share their work with colleagues.

Media Sep 28

How deeply anchored is the presumption of innocence in Europe? How are people accused of a crime portrayed in public, in the courtroom, and in the media? These are all questions at the heart of a new

Life Sciences Sep 18
Life Sciences

Pearl millet genome sequence provides a resource to improve agronomic traits in extreme environments.

Life Sciences Sep 11
Life Sciences

How did the gut, the skin and musculature evolve? This question concerns scientists for more than a century.

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