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Health - Jan 14
Secondary plant compounds as an alternative to antioxidant vitamins and minerals The human organism is constantly exposed to so-called free radicals, which are a burden on the body. If they get out of hand, the result is oxidative stress, which can promote disease. While this has been treated in the past with the help of antioxidant vitamins and minerals, scientists are now increasingly turning to the use of phytochemicals, representing plant secondary metabolites.
Life Sciences - Jan 3
Life Sciences

The University of Vienna and Medical University of Vienna are extending their successful collaboration with Max F. Perutz Laboratories.

Life Sciences - Dec 19, 2018
Life Sciences

In speech and music, words and notes depend on each other. Humans are highly sensitive to such dependencies, but the evolutionary origins of this capacity are poorly understood.

Life Sciences - Dec 10, 2018
Life Sciences

Key players in the marine nitrogen cycle can utilize cyanate and urea The ammonia oxidizing archaea, or Thaumarchaeota, are amongst the most abundant marine microorganisms.

Life Sciences - Nov 6, 2018
Life Sciences

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is, along with DNA and protein, one of the three primary biological macromolecules and was probably the first to arise in early life forms.

Physics - Oct 18, 2018

How to create nanocages, i.e., robust and stable objects with regular voids and tunable properties' Short segments of DNA molecules are perfect candidates for the controllable design of novel complex structures.

Physics - Dec 27, 2018

Why is water densest at around 4 degrees Celsius' Why does ice float? Why does heavy water have a different melting point compared to normal water? Why do snowflakes have a six-fold symmetry? A col

Materials Science - Dec 13, 2018
Materials Science

Conventional lithium ion batteries, such as those widely used in smartphones and notebooks, have reached performance limits.

Life Sciences - Nov 8, 2018
Life Sciences

Orangutans spontaneously bend straight wires into hooks to fish for food The bending of a hook into wire to fish for the handle of a basket is surprisingly challenging for young children under eight years of age.

Physics - Nov 2, 2018

Novel complex quantum entanglement generated in the laboratory for the first time For future technologies such as quantum computers and quantum encryption, the experimental mastery of complex quantum systems is inevitable.

Astronomy - Oct 5, 2018

Astrophysicists calculate the impact probability and crater size of impacts due to minor bodies The astrophysicists Mattia Galiazzo and Rudolf Dvorak from the University of Vienna, in collaboration

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