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Physics - Oct 18
How to create nanocages, i.e., robust and stable objects with regular voids and tunable properties' Short segments of DNA molecules are perfect candidates for the controllable design of novel complex structures. Physicists from the University of Vienna, the Technical University of Vienna, the Jülich Research Center in Germany and Cornell University in the U.S.A., investigated methodologies to synthesize DNA-based dendrimers in the lab and to predict their behavior using detailed computer simulations.
Astronomy - Oct 5

Astrophysicists calculate the impact probability and crater size of impacts due to minor bodies The astrophysicists Mattia Galiazzo and Rudolf Dvorak from the University of Vienna, in collaboration

Chemistry - Aug 16

Chemists from the University of Vienna finally find a surprisingly simple reaction to make a family of bioactive molecules Many natural products and drugs feature a so-called dicarbonyl motif - in certain cases however their preparation poses a challange to organic chemists.

Life Sciences - Jun 19
Life Sciences

What stops a species adapting to an ever-wider range of conditions, continuously expanding its geographic range? The biomathematician Jitka Polechová, an Elise Richter Fellow at the University of Vienna, has published a paper in PLoS Biology which explains the formation of species' range margins.

Physics - Jun 14

Magnetic sensors play a key role in a variety of applications, such as speed and position sensing in the automotive industry or in biomedical applications.

Life Sciences - Aug 28
Life Sciences

The effects of island remoteness from the mainland on the number of species found on islands differs strongly for non-native compared to native species.

Physics - Jul 9

All matter is composed of atoms, which are too small to see without powerful modern instruments including electron microscopes.

Social Sciences - Jun 15
Social Sciences

When are primary school children willing to share valuable resources with others and when are they not? A team of researchers from the University of Vienna lead by cognitive biologist Lisa Horn investigated this question in a controlled behavioural experiment.

Medicine - May 24

Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) give rise to blood and immune cells of the body, and are therefore essential for our survival.

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