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Pharmacology - Nov 1
Researchers identify path to improve HER2+ breast cancer susceptibility to approved therapies Approximately 15 to 20% of breast cancers are caused by changes in a gene known as HER2, which cause the protein produced by the gene to become constantly active, leading to uncontrolled cell growth. Cancers with these genetic changes are called "HER2-positive" or "HER2+" breast cancers.
Environment - Oct 29

Channels McGill University News and Events Researchers from McGill University project that as the permafrost continues to degrade, the climate in various regions of the Arctic could potentially change abruptly, in the relatively near future.

Health - Jul 19

Channels McGill University News and Events Oral health has been isolated from traditional healthcare and health policy for too long, despite the major global public health burden of oral diseases, according to a Lancet Series on Oral Health, published today in The Lancet.

Life Sciences - May 28

The global spread of antibiotic resistance is undermining decades of progress in fighting bacterial infections. Due to the overuse of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture, we are on the cusp of returning to a pre-antibiotic era in which minor infections can once again become deadly.

Health - Apr 29

An international clinical trial, published , revealed that combining RNA and DNA profiling gives a far more precise indication of the active biological elements within a tumor, enabling clinicians to more accurately determine which targeted therapies could improve survival among patients with advanced cancer.

Architecture - Mar 14

Channels McGill University News and Events Impostor Cities explores how Canadian cities double as other places on screen. ‘The exhibition will represent Canada at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia 'in 2020.

Event - Sep 20

McGill University will bestow its highest honour on three outstanding individuals by awarding honorary degrees at ceremonies this fall: Jane Goodall , internationally renowned researcher and environmental advocate, will receive a Doctor of Science, honoris causa at a private ceremony on September 26 .

Environment - Jun 5

Channels McGill University News and Events Invading predators can devastate an ecosystem. In fact, a leading cause of extinction is the introduction of predators into an isolated system like an island or a lake.

Environment - May 8

Channels McGill University News and Events o Only 37% of the world's longest rivers remain free-flowing o Nearly 60,000 large dams exist worldwide, with more than 3,700 currently planned or under construction o Climate change is a growing threat to river health worldwide, both from direct impacts an

Environment - Mar 14

New research from McGill University reveals an overlooked impact that the widely used herbicide glyphosate may be having on the environment. First commercialized by Monsanto under the name Roundup, glyphosate has come under scrutiny in the past, mostly in relation to its potential toxicity.

Health - Mar 13

Channels McGill University News and Events By Amanda Testani Fifteen McGill researchers have received federal grants through the Canada Foundation for Innovation's (CFI) John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF).

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