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Microtechnics Jan 15
Phytoplankton blooms are one of the most important factors contributing to the efficiency of the carbon pump in the North Atlantic Ocean. To better understand this phenomenon, the ERC remOcean 1 project, led by researchers at the Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche (CNRS/UPMC), has developed a new class of robots: biogeochemical profiling floats, the first robots able to collect data in the ocean throughout the year.
Astronomy Jan 10

PicSat will be launched into Earth orbit on 12 January 2018 to study the star Beta Pictoris, its exoplanet and its famous debris disk, thanks to a small telescope 5 cm in diameter.

Earth Sciences Dec 1

You may already be surprised to hear there are iron objects dating back to the Bronze Age, but their meteorite origin is even more astonishing.

Mechanical Engineering Nov 28
Mechanical Engineering

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty which affects the ability to adopt the automatic reflexes needed to read and write.

Chemistry Nov 23

To solve mysteries about ancient works or authenticate heritage objects, specialists often need support from science.

Life Sciences Dec 13
Life Sciences

While dinosaurs reigned on dry land and in the sky, other reptiles populated the seas and oceans. Of the latter, plesiosaurs, whose means of locomotion may be described as “underwater flight,” formed the most diverse group.

Earth Sciences Nov 30

After an earthquake, there is a disturbance in the field of gravity almost instantaneously. This could be recorded before the seismic waves that seismologists usually analyze.

Innovation Nov 23

Two years after the first battery prototype using sodium ions 1 in a standard industrial format was designed, the start-up Tiamat has been created to design, develop and produce this promising technology.

Sport Sciences Nov 22
Sport Sciences

SNCF engineers have been using mathematical models for many years to simulate the dynamic behavior of railways.

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