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Earth Sciences - Oct 5, 2017
Researchers have managed to create a similar rain-seeding phenomenon in controlled laboratory conditions. "The work is an important step in basic atmospheric science" , says meteorologist Juan Pedro Mellado of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg.
Mechanical Engineering - Oct 4, 2017
Mechanical Engineering

Geometrical and mechanical models of virus assembly. The mechanical stress during assembly determines globally the final shape of a virus: compact (e.g.

Life Sciences - Sep 14, 2017
Life Sciences

Abstract - Compelling evidence suggests that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have potentially harmful effects to the skin.

Environment - Aug 28, 2017

Optical microscopic view of a cuticle of the Frenelopsis fossil conifer used to reconstruct the atmospheric CO2 concentration in the Cretaceous.

Life Sciences - Aug 22, 2017
Life Sciences

The ABC model is widely used as a genetic framework for understanding floral development and evolution.

Life Sciences - Jul 20, 2017
Life Sciences

For how long have warm-blooded animals existed? The time at which this character first appeared in the ancestors of mammals has long been debated.

Life Sciences - Oct 4, 2017
Life Sciences

Drosophila testes visualized by confocal microscopy. Necrotic germ cells are visualized in red (white arrowheads), cell nuclei in blue.

Civil Engineering - Aug 29, 2017
Civil Engineering

Location of ancient Rome's harbor basins in the Tiber delta with the position of cores PO2 analyzed in this work .

Physics - Aug 22, 2017

Abstract - High-performance Li-ion batteries require materials with well-designed and controlled structures on nanometre and micrometre scales.

Life Sciences - Jul 25, 2017
Life Sciences

Significance - In most biological processes, genes have to be activated and/or repressed. In plants, the TOPLESS protein is essential for gene repression through its action as a corepressor bridging transcription factor with chromatin remodeling complexes.

Astronomy - Jun 28, 2017

HST colour-composite image of the lensing cluster MACS2129'1 - Picture ESO Abstract - At redshift z?=?2, when the Universe was just three billion years old, half of the most massive galaxies were extremely compact and had already exhausted their fuel for star formation.

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