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Physics - Jul 6
Zinc-blende CdSe semiconducting nanoplatelets (NPL) show outstanding quantum confinement properties thanks to their small, atomically-controlled, thickness. For example, they display extremely sharp absorption peaks and ultra-fast recombination rates that make them very interesting objects for optoelectronic applications.
Physics - Jul 2

The SAAFE (Scholarship AINSE ANSTO French Embassy) program supports Early Career Researchers at PhD and postdoctoral levels to travel from Australia to France - and from France to Australia - to initiate sustainable research networks and linkages to support Australia and France in research and innovation.

Health - Jun 16

Publication by Laboratoire de physique and IXXI, in MedRxiv on June 15, 2020. Abstract: Among the different indicators that quantify the spread of an epidemic, such as the on-going COVID-19, stands first the reproduction number which measures how many people can be contaminated by an infected person.

Administration - Jun 5

Call for applications for international doctoral students - 2020/2021 - Deadline: June 20, 2020, 12:00 noon (French time) International doctoral students can apply for a co-funding (50% maximum) of the amount required for enrolment in a doctoral program at ENS de Lyon.

Life Sciences - May 14

Publication by CIRI in the journal Nature microbiology on April 27, 2020. A pathogen belonging to the species Staphylococcus capitis has recently been identified as being responsible for nosocomial diseases in premature babies.

Life Sciences - May 12

Publication by LGL-TPE in Proceedings of the Royal Society B on May 6, 2020. The cuticle of ecdysozoans (Panarthropoda, Scalidophora, Nematoida) is secreted by underlying epidermal cells and renewed via ecdysis.

Environment - Jun 22

Turbulent flows, like planetary atmospheres, oceans, or flow around an airfoil or a wind turbine, undergo strong fluctuations. Sometimes, the system may even undergo abrupt transitions between entirely different flow configurations.

Social Sciences - Jun 11

The French Prime Minister envisaged the possibility of free movement in the European area as from June 15th, as well as, to or from, certain non-European countries. In his statement on May 28th, the French Prime Minister envisaged the possibility of free movement in the European area as from June 15th, as well as, to or from, certain non-European countries, according to agreements that will be phased in gradually.

Physics - May 26

Alice&Bob's ambition is to become the leading provider of quantum computing power using a universal fault-tolerant quantum computer. An ambition supported by Elaia and Breega, with whom Alice&Bob is today finalizing its first round of funding of ¤3 million to accelerate the construction of its first prototype.

Linguistics - May 13

Vanessa Guignery. Julian Barnes from the Margins. Exploring the Writer's Archives. London: Bloomsbury , This book proposes a journey through Julian Barnes's papers, drafts, manuscripts, typescripts, notebooks, letters and emails which are preserved at the Harry Ransom Center of the University of Texas at Austin.

Administration - May 11

Positional information is essential for coordinating the development of multicellular organisms. In plants, positional information provided by the hormone auxin regulates rhythmic organ production at the shoot apex, but the spatio-temporal dynamics of auxin gradients is unknown.

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