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Physics - Aug 14
Physics experiments are often time-consuming and expensive. Sometimes scientists do not realize until the very end that they have been using the wrong calibration for measurements the whole time. What if there were a way to go back in time to the start of the experiment and re-examine the data? Researchers at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Freie Universität Berlin, and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) hope to create a machine that would make that possible.
Administration - Jul 19

Second huge success for three major Berlin universities and Charité in the German Excellence Strategy competition. Major award for Berlin: The Berlin University Alliance has won funding as a group in the Universities of Excellence funding line of the German federal and state governments' Excellence Strategy.

Event - Jul 11

International Conference from September 9 to 13, 2019, at Freie Universität Berlin. No 214/2019 from Jul 11, 2019 From September 9 to 13, an international conference will be held at Freie Universität Berlin, where scholars will discuss Iranian cultures, literary traditions, and history.

Life Sciences - Jul 5

A study by neuroscientists of the Brain Language Laboratory at Freie Universität Berlin. No 204/2019 from Jul 05, 2019 People who are blind use part of their visual cortex for language and semantic processing.

History - Jun 28

Public lecture by historian Jacques Semelin on July 4, 2019 No 197/2019 from Jun 28, 2019 On July 4, 2019, historian Jacques Semelin will give a lecture on the survival of Jews in France during World War II.

Psychology - Jun 25

Franco-German Research Award Goes to a Psychologist and Neuroscientist at Freie Universität Berlin. No 191/2019 from Jun 25, 2019 Arthur Jacobs, a professor in the Experimental and Neurocognitive Psychology Division at Freie Universität Berlin, was in Paris to receive the prestigious Gay-Lussac Humboldt Prize.

Astronomy - Jul 12

Freie Universität Researchers Contribute to International Study Published in Nature No 215/2019 from Jul 12, 2019 How did the Earth evolve from a fireball about 4.5 billion years ago to a habitable world? The key to this question lies in the early history of our planet, when the bombardment with cosmic bodies slowly declined.

Life Sciences - Jul 9

Computer scientists at Freie Universität Berlin design a method for computer-aided modeling and simulation of large proteins and other biomolecules No 210/2019 from Jul 09, 2019 Two computational scientists at Freie Universität Berlin are changing the way large proteins modeled inside computers by combining machine learning, an area of artificial intelligence, with statistical physics.

Life Sciences - Jul 1

Two Honors Awarded to Constance Scharff, Professor at the Institute of Biology, Freie Universität Berlin. No 201/2019 from Jul 01, 2019 The neuroethologist Constance Scharff, professor at Freie Universität Berlin, has been distinguished with two important academic honors.

Administration - Jun 26

5 Million Euros to Strengthen Cooperation between Seven Leading Universities in Europe. No 195/2019 from Jun 26, 2019 An alliance of seven leading European universities has secured funding from the European Commission to deepen partnerships and promote exchange between the group's members.

Pharmacology - Jun 25

Freie Universität Berlin Contributes to Research Project Backed by the World Anti-Doping Agency. No 193/2019 from Jun 25, 2019 According to a study conducted by a group of international researchers, including experts from Freie Universität Berlin, a chemical extract from spinach plants can be used to boost the performance of competitive athletes.

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