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Physics - Jul 12
Is that a dog or a cat? Such a classification is a prime example of machine learning: artificial neural networks can be trained to analyze images by looking for patterns that are characteristic of specific objects. Provided the system has learned such patterns, it is able to recognize dogs or cats on any picture.
Event - Jul 11

From laptop bags to garden benches - a wide range of design products with a unique origin can be ordered via the online shop "" .

Architecture - Jul 9

TUM is situated among museums in the midst of Munich's Kunstareal complex. For the fourth time, the district's cultural institutions are inviting the public to a two-day festival.

Administration - Jul 8

"Digital methods in construction can drastically reduce the amount of time and money consumed by construction projects," says Prof. André Borrmann of the Chair of Computational Modeling and Simulation.

Chemistry - Jul 3

Fuel cells may well replace batteries as the power source for electric cars. They consume hydrogen, a gas which could be produced for example using surplus electricity from wind power plants.

Mechanical Engineering - Jul 1
Mechanical Engineering

Miniaturization, high-performance drives and materials, additive manufacturing processes and Artificial Intelligence are converging in the new challenges of the aviation and astronautics sector, with geodesy as an umbrella function.

Health - Jul 11

There are two forms of T cell therapy: either a recipient receives cells from a donor, or the recipient's own T cells are removed, genetically reprogrammed in a laboratory and unleashed against an infection or tumor in the body.

Event - Jul 9

The exchange rate system agreed 75 years ago at a conference in Bretton Woods in the US state of New Hampshire collapsed around 30 years later. However, two institutions established at the same time have developed into influential global policy actors: the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Transport - Jul 4

At large airports the Instrument Landing System (ILS) makes it possible for commercial aircraft to land automatically with great precision.

Environment - Jul 2

In nature, specific colors and patterns normally serve a purpose: The eye-catching patterns of the fire salamander convey to its enemies that it is poisonous.

Environment - Jul 1

The most recent global climate report (IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C) considers manufacturing processes which use more carbon dioxide (CO2) than they release to be an important option to get climate change under control.

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