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Careers - Jul 20
Campus news - The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has launched an open online teacher training portal. The modules of the "Toolbox Lehrerbildung" are specifically designed to prepare the user for school practice of the STEM subjects with among other things videos from the classroom.
Agronomy - Jul 20

Research news - Individualized dietary recommendations based on genetic information are currently a popular trend.

Life Sciences - Jul 13
Life Sciences

Research news - Strawberries and tomatoes are among the most widely consumed fruits and vegetables worldwide.

Careers - Jul 12

Research news - In 2017, salaries of management board members of DAX-listed companies rose by 4.5 percent - stronger than in the three years before.

Business - Jul 6

Research news - The greater the similarity of newly appointed CEOs to their predecessors, the more likely they are to change the company's strategy.

Medicine - Jul 18

Research news - A wide range of airborne substances can cause respiratory problems for asthma sufferers.

Astronomy - Jul 12

Research news - For the first time ever, scientists have determined the cosmic origin of highest-energy neutrinos.

Medicine - Jul 9

Research news - Pancreatic cancer often spreads, forming metastases in the liver or lungs. The prognosis is better for patients with metastases in the lungs.

Life Sciences - Jul 5
Life Sciences

Research news - Most people have never heard of them, and yet every living being needs them to survive: fine protrusions of cells known as cilia.

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