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History - Sep 17
The UK-based Arcadia Fund is granting financial support worth approximately 2.5 million euros to media anthropologist Christiane Brosius and Indologist Axel Michaels of Heidelberg University.
Chemistry - Sep 11

A new international doctoral programme in materials science - coordinated by Heidelberg University - is receiving approximately four million euros in funding from the European Union. The project will focus on the development of organic materials suitable for converting unused waste heat into electricity.

Research Management - Sep 2

Ruperto Carola is one of the top three universities in Germany - ranked among the world's "Top 50"

Life Sciences - Aug 6

The great potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for the life sciences - from basic research in biology to medical applications - has to date largely been neglected. To leverage that potential in future, researchers from Heidelberg University, the German Cancer Research Center, and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory have founded a new research unit. It aims to support AI research in the life sciences and forge international links with activities in Heidelberg. The unit is part of the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS). ELLIS Life Heidelberg will initially be funded by the founding institutions for five years.

Innovation - Jul 24

The 4EU+ European University Alliance - made up of six strong research universities in Europe, including Heidelberg University - has successfully acquired additional funding for the alliance. In order to combine the research infrastructures of the universities involved and develop a joint strategy to strengthen research and innovation, the European Union is making approximately two million euros in funding available for a period of three years. It comes from the funding line "Science with and for Society" and was approved in the framework of a special call addressed to European university alliances for the TRAIN4EU+ initiative.

Health - Jul 23

The mandatory mask, social distancing, contact restrictions - the vast majority of people support the restrictions related to the coronavirus. Researchers from Heidelberg University have interviewed around 1,300 people online on how they perceive and cope with the measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Pedagogy - Sep 9

In the field of student affairs and teaching, the 4EU+ European University Alliance is driving forward the development of innovative teaching and learning formats for students and doctoral candidates.

Pedagogy - Aug 26

The mobile phone app "7ling" offers the possibility to learn the basics of a foreign language in a new environment without lessons or a teacher. Researchers at the Institute of German as a Foreign Language Philology and the Institute for Translation and Interpreting of Heidelberg University were substantially involved in its development.

Social Sciences - Jul 29

Historical knowledge on the National Socialist genocide of the Sinti and Roma in Europe will be consolidated in a major encyclopaedia and made available for research as well as to the broad public. The international project is based at the Research Centre on Antigypsyism of Heidelberg University. The results will initially appear online. Based on this, participating researchers in Germany and abroad will then publish a multivolume reference work in print form. Initial investigations will focus on the European dimension of the genocide. The five-year project led by historian Dr Karola Fings just began its work with funding from the Foreign Office totalling around 1.2 million euros.

Linguistics - Jul 23

The Heidelberg University Library launched the open access publisher Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP) five years ago. The first book was published on 23 July 2015; meanwhile over 70 publications have appeared.

Health - Jul 15

Heidelberg University ranks among the world's best in the fields of medical technology and clinical medicine. In the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020, medical technology places twelfth and clinical medicine 16th (previously 35th), an improvement of 19 places. This puts each of these subjects first in Germany, and with public health it is achieved by a third discipline from the field of medicine. Public health climbed to 47th position internationally, moving up from the 51-to-75 ranking group.

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