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Astronomy - Apr 9, 2019
Brown dwarfs fill the 'gap' between stars and the numerous smaller planets ' two very different types of astronomical objects. But how they originate has yet to be fully explained. Astronomers from Heidelberg University may now be able to answer that question. They discovered that the star Îoe Ophiuchi in the Milky Way is being orbited by two brown dwarfs, which in all probability formed along with the star from a gas and dust disk, just as planets do.
Astronomy - Apr 5, 2019

A new class of fellows took up its work at the Marsilius-Kolleg of Heidelberg University at the beginning of the 2019 summer semester. From April of this year until March 2020, fifteen Heidelberg scientists from a wide range of disciplines will immerse themselves in interdisciplinary research projects and discussions at the Kolleg.

Earth Sciences - Mar 12, 2019
Earth Sciences

Bernhard Eitel is to serve as Rector of Heidelberg University for another six years. The members of the University Council and the Senate re-elected the 59-year-old Heidelberg scientist by a large majority in a joint session this Tuesday (12 March).

Earth Sciences - Feb 20, 2019
Earth Sciences

A major volcanic event could have triggered one of the largest glaciations in Earth's history - the Gaskiers glaciation, which turned the Earth into a giant snowball approximately 580 million years ago.

Life Sciences - Jan 22, 2019
Life Sciences

So-called bifacial stem cells are responsible for one of the most critical growth processes on Earth - the formation of wood.

Environment - Dec 20, 2018

The age of the water in the world's oceans is critical for understanding ocean circulation, especially for the transport of gases from the atmosphere into the deep ocean.

Life Sciences - Apr 1, 2019
Life Sciences

A fundamental cellular mechanism ensures that proteins are transported to the places they are needed in the cells.

Environment - Mar 4, 2019

The efforts of developed economies to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by boosting the use of renewable energy sources and increasing energy efficiency are beginning to pay off. This is the result of a study conducted by an international team of researchers that includes scientists from Heidelberg.

Astronomy - Feb 15, 2019

In the course of their life, open star clusters continuously lose stars to their surroundings. The resulting swath of tidal tails provides a glimpse into the evolution and dissolution of a star cluster.

Environment - Dec 20, 2018

Plants absorb the mineral sulfate from groundwater. An international research team led by scientists from Heidelberg University has uncovered how sulfate controls the production of the drought stress hormone ABA in plants and thus contributes to their drought-resistance.

Physics - Dec 19, 2018

Material scientist Jana Zaumseil has received a highly endowed ERC Consolidator Grant for excellent young researchers from the European Research Council (ERC).

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