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Earth Sciences - Sep 16
Earth Sciences
Researchers suspect greater dynamics than previously assumed between the Earth's surface and its mantle / Study published in 'Nature Geoscience' What is the chemical composition of the Earth's interior? Because it is impossible to drill more than about ten kilometres deep into the Earth, volcanic rocks formed by melting Earth's deep interior often provide such information.
Physics - Sep 16

Apart from photons, the fundamental quanta of light, neutrinos are the most abundant elementary particles in the universe.

Career - Sep 4

University of Münster consolidates the interdisciplinary research concept of the Cells in Motion Cluster of Excellence / newly created structures reinforce the core research area of "cell dynamics

History - Aug 28

For more than 20 years, the staff of the Asia Minor Research Centre at the Department of Ancient History of Münster University has been investigating the cultural legacy of the ancient city of Doliche in south-eastern Turkey.

Life Sciences - Aug 26

Münster, 2 September 2019 We cordially invite everyone interested to come! Our scientists will present their innovative approaches and exciting research findings in the interdisciplinary field of cell dynamics and imaging.

Life Sciences - Jul 26

One year ago, the Court of Justice of the European Union issued a ruling on genetic methods in plant breeding: on 25 July 2018, the judges ruled that plants bred using modern molecular biological methods (genome editing) fall into the category of genetically modified organisms.

Chemistry - Sep 6

Cells are the basic building blocks of life - and, as such, they have been the object of intense study since the invention of the optical microscope in the 17th century.

Health - Sep 2

Any agreement which entails benefits for both sides is called a win-win situation. This is precisely the result intended for the long-term cooperation and licensing agreement which the Institute of Infectiology at the University of Münster has now signed with an American biomedical company.

Life Sciences - Aug 27
Life Sciences

They are tiny signalling molecules that play important roles in many processes in living organisms. However, the exact function of these substances is often still unknown, which is why scientists are constantly on the lookout for new methods with which they can further investigate them.

Astronomy - Aug 15

Six international research talents receive this year one of the highest endowed science prizes in Germany, the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award given by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Innovation - Jul 19

In the Excellence Strategy being pursued by the national and federal state governments in Germany, the decision in the second funding line has been announced. The University of Münster was not successful in the competition to be awarded the title of ‘University of Excellence'.

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