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Innovation - Jul 19
In the Excellence Strategy being pursued by the national and federal state governments in Germany, the decision in the second funding line has been announced. The University of Münster was not successful in the competition to be awarded the title of ‘University of Excellence'.
Philosophy - Jul 19

The University of Münster and Ashoka University in India will cooperate in the future. During a visit by a delegation of scientists from the Indian University, the Rector of Münster University, Johannes Wessels, signed a partnership agreement.

Academic Rankings - Jul 12

What are the research institutions with the highest number of high-ranking publications in the natural and life sciences' This question is addressed once a year by the renowned journal "Nature". The results of the recently published "Nature Index Global 2019" show that the University of Münster is one of only three German universities that have made it into the top 100 in the current ranking.

Materials Science - Jul 2
Materials Science

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) announced today (28 June) that Münster has been selected as the new site for the planned “Battery Production Research Centre”.

Psychology - Jun 26

Psychologists at Münster University estimate the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression after wars in the total population Wars leave their marks on people - the physical damage i

Health - Jun 24

Münster's knowledge freshly tapped! - 1-3 July 2019, lectures starting at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm Here, you can "tap" the knowledge of researchers from Münster! Our scientists will be talking about their work - in bars and pubs.

Astronomy - Jul 17

For almost ten years, scientists from all over the world have been using the large-scale experiment "IceCube" to search for neutrinos in the permanent ice of the South Pole.

Chemistry - Jul 5

A special alumni reunion: Between 2007 and 2014, they worked as postdocs at the Organic Chemistry Institute of the University of Münster.

Chemistry - Jul 2

Whether they are synthetic materials such as PET and Teflon, medicines or flavourings, life without synthetically produced compounds is barely conceivable in our everyday lives today.

Career - Jun 26

“Excellent infrastructure is the basis” One of a university's basic tasks is to secure a future for junior academics, and this has a twofold aim.

Mathematics - Jun 24

Last week the new Cluster of Excellence "Mathematics Münster: Dynamics - Geometry - Structure" staged its opening event at the University of Münster with a three-day colloquium.

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