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Materials Science - Jul 3
Materials Science
What influence does artificial intelligence have on the development of batteries? How do next generation battery systems change the field of research? How is Research Fab Battery Cells progressing and how will it advance production research in Germany? These questions will be addressed by top-class speakers from science and practice at Battery Day NRW 2020, which takes place for the first time as an online event on 28 September 2020 from 10 am to 3.30 pm.
Chemistry - Jul 2

It is one of the key technologies for high-performance batteries of the future: the lithium metal battery (LMB).

Linguistics - Jun 25

Following the measures taken against the spread of the Corona Virus, the ULB services can only resume gradually.

Event - Jun 22

For more than 50 years now the University of Münster has been collaborating with universities in Brazil, 9,000 kilometres away, and it has long since developed into a university with especially wide-ranging, intensive contacts with the country.

Chemistry - Jun 18

Molecular switches - they are the molecular counterparts of electrical switches and play an important role in many processes in nature.

Event - Jun 17

Not only the Student Admissions Office, the Student Advice and Counselling Centre and the Career Service at Münster University will be moving into the “Botanicum - The Centre for Student Affairs” behind the Schloss.

Life Sciences - Jul 1
Life Sciences

In what is a great success for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Münster, the Clinical Research Unit "Male Germ Cells" will continue to receive funding - amounting to 5.7 million euros - from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Event - Jun 24

Universities and research institutes provide a wide variety of ways of organising exchanges with society - Here are three guest commentaries on the subject Creating knowledge and transferring it to society is part of our public culture and, as such, one of the central aims which the University of Münster has.

Health - Jun 22

The number of people infected by the coronavirus is decreasing, and there is more and more easing of restrictions in public life. In Germany at least, the worst seems to be over. Or is this merely the calm before the next pandemic storm?

Physics - Jun 17

Scientists from the international XENON collaboration under participation of the University of Münster announced today that data from their XENON1T, the world's most sensitive dark matter experiment, show a surprising excess of events.

Life Sciences - Jun 16
Life Sciences

How do animals adapt their behaviour during life in order to assure survival and reproduction? This is a question of great interest for behavioural biologists worldwide.

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