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Life Sciences - Jul 19
Life Sciences
07/19/2019 - Würzburg Scientists found that megakaryocytes act as "bouncers" and thus modulate bone marrow niche properties and cell migration dynamics. The study was published in the Journal "Haematologica". Hematopoiesis is the process of forming blood cells, which occurs predominantly in the bone marrow.
Life Sciences - Jul 10
Life Sciences

Würzburg Scientists have precisely followed the activity of thousands of genes in individual cells for hours.

Environment - Jul 1

Bark beetles are currently responsible for killing an unprecedented number of trees in forests across Europe and North America.

Life Sciences - Jun 24
Life Sciences

06/24/2019 - When the South African dung beetle rolls its dung ball through the savannah, it must know the way as precisely as possible.

Physics - Jun 19

06/19/2019 - A renowned physicist and good friend of Israel: Alfred Forchel, the President of the University of Würzburg, has received a special honour in recognition of his research and commitment to international research partnerships.

Health - Jun 14

06/14/2019 - Researchers have filled two knowledge gaps: The vacuoles of plant cells can be excited and the TPC1 ion channel is involved in this process.

Electroengineering - Jul 8

Venus flytraps are capable of detecting the movements of even the smallest insects. This mechanism protects the plant against starving from hyperactivity as a new study conducted by scientists from Würzburg and Cambridge reveals.

Life Sciences - Jun 25
Life Sciences

06/25/2019 - The 2019 Nature Index is an indicator of the high-quality research output in natural sciences and life sciences at the University of Würzburg which ranks 69th internationally and 4th in Germany.

Life Sciences - Jun 19
Life Sciences

06/19/2019 - When two proteins work together, this worsens the prognosis for lung cancer patients: their chances of survival are particularly poor in this case.

Environment - Jun 17

06/17/2019 - A research centre in West Africa examines strategies to address the climate change. Its German partner is the University of Würzburg; the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the initiative with 3.7 million euros.

Computer Science - Jun 10

Are children, teenagers and adults who spend a lot of time playing video games really more obese? A meta study conducted with the University of Würzburg has looked into this question. The cliché is true - but only for adults.

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