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Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg  
Chemistry - Mar 22
03/22/2019 - Direct coupling of two molecules of nitrogen: chemists from Würzburg and Frankfurt have achieved what was thought to be impossible. This new reaction is reported and opens new possibilities for one of the most inert molecules on earth. Constituting over 78 % of the air we breathe, nitrogen is the element found the most often in its pure form on earth.
Life Sciences - Mar 20
Life Sciences

03/20/2019 - Two proteins work hand in hand to ensure that the tumour cells of neuroblastoma can grow at full speed.

Environment - Feb 21

02/21/2019 - Plants that can manage with less water could make agriculture more sustainable. This is why a research team at the University of Würzburg is investigating how plants control their water balance.

Pharmacology - Feb 8

Under the influence of the drug fluconazole, the fungus Candida albicans can change its mode of reproduction and thus become even more resistant.

Life Sciences - Jan 30
Life Sciences

01/30/2019 - Researchers at the Rudolf Virchow Center of the University of Würzburg have unveiled the molecular effectiveness of artemisinins.

Life Sciences - Jan 8
Life Sciences

Insects and mammals have special sensors for different light intensities. These sensors selectively influence the circadian clocks and thereby control daily activity patterns.

Life Sciences - Feb 25
Life Sciences

02/25/2019 - Icefish live in an environment that should be deadly for them. Scientists have now investigated how they still manage to exist there and what evolutionary adaptations they have had to undergo in order to do so.

Chemistry - Feb 14

02/14/2019 - Chemistry professor Antoni Llobet (Spain) joins the University of Würzburg with a research prize from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Business - Jan 31

01/31/2019 - They studied Slavic studies and economics; today they commute between Germany and Russia.

Microtechnics - Jan 22

01/22/2019 - In Europe, people are more reserved regarding robots than they were five years ago. This is shown in a new study published by scientists from Linz and Würzburg. Robots performing in surgeries, robots in automobile production, and robots in caregiving.

Life Sciences - Dec 17, 2018
Life Sciences

/2018 - Does expansion microscopy deliver true-to-life images of cellular structures' That was not sure yet.

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