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Psychology - Jun 30
Scientists have tracked the eye movements of children to show how they make the link - spontaneously and without instructions - between vocal emotion (happiness or anger) followed by a natural or virtual face.
Life Sciences - Jun 17
Life Sciences

By deciphering the neural dialogue between the brain's reward and memory networks, neuroscientists from the University of Geneva demonstrate that optimal memory performance requires an intermediate regime of reward delivery. A new finding highly relevant for a variety of learning situations.

Astronomy - May 28

The existence of an Earth-sized planet around the nearest star in the solar system, Proxima Centauri, has been confirmed by an international team of scientists including researchers from the University of Geneva. The results, published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, reveal that the planet in question, Proxima b, has a mass of 1.17 Earth masses and is located in the habitable zone of its star, which it circles in 11.2 days.

Astronomy - Apr 20

The Square Kilometre Array , or SKA, will be the biggest radio telescope ever built. Thanks to this ambitious tool, some of the universe's greatest mysteries will be resolved. EPFL became a member of the SKA Organisation (SKAO) beginning of April 2020 and will coordinate the contributions to this project on behalf of the Swiss academic community.

Astronomy - Apr 16

An international team lead by researchers of the University of Geneva has discovered a six-planets system.

Music - Mar 25

The EmoDémos project - led by the University of Geneva among children aged 7 to 12 years - has shown that playing an instrument in an orchestra can facilitate the acquisition of cognitive and emotional skills in two years.

Health - May 28

Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), the University of Geneva , the Infectious Disease Research Centre at Laval University in Quebec (Canada) and MaxiVAX - a Geneva-based company specialising in biotechnology - are working together to develop a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Environment - May 27

An international team has demonstrated the fundamental importance of public parks based on nine «protected needs» that are essential for our well-being.

Astronomy - Apr 16

The CHEOPS space telescope has exceeded scientists' expectations for accuracy.

Health - Apr 8

By deciphering how the FKBP10 protein facilitates lung cancer progression, UNIGE scientists are proposing an original therapeutic strategy.

Life Sciences - Mar 24
Life Sciences

Researchers have shown that the decline in cognitive abilities after 50 years of age results in a decline in physical activity, and that - contrary to what has been suggested by the literature to date - the inverse relationship is much weaker.

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