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Creating knowledge through research and participating in the discourse in the respective scientific communities is a central concern for the international reputation of the University of Liechtenstein. Research is therefore an essential component of the core of identity and an indispensable prerequisite for research-based teaching.

The achievement of internationally perceived research achievements, which is particularly important for the University of Liechtenstein, requires well-developed research.

Research profile

In accordance with its legal mandate, the University of Liechtenstein conducts research that meets and stimulates demand in four main areas. The primary competence in research lies with the institutes and associated institutes. In the Graduate School, in-depth research-related training takes place within the framework of Master’s and, in particular, doctoral research.

Research mission statement

The University of Liechtenstein defines research and development (R&D) as all systematic and creative activities that serve to expand the level of knowledge with regard to people, culture and society and to use this knowledge with the aim of developing new applications.

The research services are performed in selected focal points that are highly relevant for Liechtenstein and the region.

The new knowledge gained to promote the development of the economy and society is transferred.

The high quality of the research work is confirmed by the international scientific community with which the researchers of the University of Liechtenstein cooperate. To promote quality, a research-friendly framework is designed, and researchers and teams are actively encouraged to perform their work within the framework of the lived "Research Governance".

Economics - Oct 18, 2013
A delegation from the Institute for Financial Services of the University of Liechtenstein accepted an invitation from two leading international universities - the National University of Singapore and the University of Hong Kong - to hold seminars in front of students, academics and practitioners from 14 to 18 October 2013.
Economics - Sep 26, 2012

Das durch die Hilti AG gesponserte Fellowship-Programm bietet exzellenten Master-Studenten die Möglichkeit, ein Semester lang Teil eines internationalen Projektteams bei der Hilti AG zu werden und gleichzeitig Seminare im Masterprogramm IT and Business Process Management des Instituts für Wirtschaftsinformatik der Universität Liechtenstein zu besuchen. In den vergangenen Jahren haben insgesamt 28 Studierende am Fellowship-Programm teilgenommen, die aus mehr als zehn Nationen stammen und von denen einige eine Nachwuchskarriere bei Hilti eingeschlagen haben.

Event - Jan 28, 2010

The Swiss Embassy in London invited Professor Peter Droege as expert contributor in its conference on "Sustainable Urban Development", to be held on 17 June 2010 at the A Foundation in London. The Conference is a key event set in the context of an "Event Cluster" on Swiss Innovation planned over a two-week period (17 June-2 July 2010).

Environment - Jul 5, 2012

Kurzbeschreibung: - Green Business Process Management - Towards the Sustainable Enterprise" consolidates the global state-of-the-art knowledge about how business processes can be managed and improved in light of sustainability objectives.

Economics - Jan 22, 2010

Professor Peter Droege served this year again on the Selection Committee of the UAE's prestigious 1.5 million USD Future Energy Prize. The winner was announced this week at the World Future Energy Summit: Toyota Motor Corporation for the development of the Prius received the award.

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